Video: New Gaither Vocal Band

Pretty clearly, the story of the year thus far has been the changes in the Gaither Vocal Band and whether bringing three legends on board can mitigate the challenge of Guy Penrod and Marshall Hall’s departures.

The New GVB seems to be settling in, and I must agree with Kyle that this video is quite solid and shows a lot of promise: [EDIT, 6/6/12: Broken link removed.]

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  1. I loved the video! I’ll be seeing them in just over two weeks. Hope I can get some good video, too!

  2. Even better – I’ll really be looking forward to that!

  3. Let the naysayers naysay away. This is the most powerful lineup of vocalists, ever, in the genre. There has NEVER been anything close. They won’t hype the crowd with mindless chatter, “handclaps of praise” or “do you like that kind of singing” or “if you like it, let ’em know about it” – but there will be intricate harmonies, heartfelt performances and great songs. Thank God for a ray of hope for this business!!!! It has been a mighty bleak picture for way too long.

  4. For the record, I was at the Saturday night concert at Fort Worth and the Vocal Band was incredible. Michael isn’t (and may never be) back to where he was vocally in the 90s, but he is sounding so much better than he did even 3 months ago. I was a little cynical going in, but I’m here to tell you that the new Vocal Band is one of the best I’ve heard.

  5. What were you doing in Fort Worth? 😮

    That’s quite a ways to travel to catch a concert, even if it is the GVB! 😮

  6. We had concerts in TX that weekend, but happened to have Saturday off. Very convenient.

  7. Cool!

  8. Oh yeah, and if anyone has video of David Phelps solo on the second verse of “It Is Finished” from Saturday night please upload it. He hit either a high E flat or high E on the end of the verse. At least a third above what he’s done in the past. He has never done that before. It was crazy! He told Jordan as he walked off the stage that he didn’t know if he’d ever do that again.

  9. I saw them Saturday night. They were incredible.

    I have “It is Finished” recorded, but it doesn’t have Bill’s 1st verse and the video is really shaky with random “wooos” from the people around me. The sound quality is good for the most part though. You can certainly hear David’s high note.

  10. Diana, are you going to Greenville on the 24th? I’ll be there.

  11. I was one of the thousands of people who were able to hear the new line up on Feb 14, in Orlando and I’ve been listening to them via online videos and have definitely noticed an improvement in ME vocals and confidence.
    I wish they were closer so I could see them in person again!
    I found the video Katie, thanks!

  12. Thanks for the video, Katie. Oops, I was wrong. High D. Still…that’s awesome.

  13. I have browsed through seveal videos of the new GVB. So a few comments. They just are not enunciating the words as clearly as the old GVB and I really miss the sharpness of that. David’s voice is as great as ever but he doesn’t need to sing high notes just for the sake of singing high notes. I liked it better when he would surprise us with a few select high notes at the end of a song. Michael is coming along but he still seems like a fish out of water for some reason. It’s like his movements just don’t blend in. And he is the biggest offender of not enunciating especially the ends of words. However Mark is simply awesome.

  14. this is kind of like the Lakers orf the Yankees of SG. An all star- cast, all star straight down the line theological song, and great music to go with it….terrific.

  15. Sounds like the GVB is working on a new project.

    Check out Hampton’s latest blog.

  16. OK, an honest question. I thought that I had Homecoming albums (1 or 2) where David hit the F above double high C and held it. I’m not sure what the song(s) were, unfortunately, and I’m not home where I can look.

    So, am I wrong about him hitting that, or are you guys seriously talking about going past “triple high C”??? or is it something else I’m not getting?

  17. Keith…part of David Phelps’ draw is that he can take a note like that and make it sound just amazing, higher than it really is!

  18. I am so excited about this. I think the new GVB lineup is amazing and will only get better. Their harmonies are so tight and intricate. David’s notes were great at the end. Michael delivered his verse of that song (my favorite GVB song, by the way) with passion and authority that can only be brought on by someone who has walked through something and been redeemed and restored. Vocally, the best part of this video to me is Mark Lowry’s voice. It has steadily improved over the years and he’s sounding amazing!

  19. You’re welcome! Sorry for the screaming and talking and moving around on it. The crowd and my roommate were very excited. 🙂

    As far as jumping on the new GVB band wagon they had me sold with the video of “Lord Feed Your Children”, the way they swell at the end of it is just incredible. Although I really, really love the Lowry/Pierce/Mullins version from the Testify record, I think this new version is just as good.
    I still think it’s too early to really judge them on a negative slant (David’s high notes for no reason, Michael’s enunciation) until they get into the studio. (which according to Wes Hampton’s latest blog they already are recording vocals for their new record and should have it out this year).

    I’ll admit they were a little sloppy during my concert in the beginning, almost like they were unsure at times. “It is Finished” was the last song of their set before intermission as you can probably tell they got better as the night went on.

    I think we all know once they put out a record it’s going to be a whole other ball game. David and Michael won’t be all over the place vocally. I think Wes will play a bigger part than he is at the moment. Bill has to purposely go out of his way to make sure Wes doesn’t get overshadowed at this point. I think in the studio the tenors will come to a compromise. And Mark just has a gift for adapting to whatever situation he’s in. Which is why you can’t really talk about him without reciting off parts of his resumé. He does it all. And the tour is a lot more enjoyable with him.

    I can’t wait for new stuff. They’re going to be awesome.

  20. This has been one of my all time favorite songs even going back to when Michael sang with the Gaither trio. Michael is an amazing singer. He gives 1000% every time he performs. He has traveled the difficult road and has made it. All of the singers are great and multi talented however, Michael has the most feeling in his songs and his voice. He is a master at what he does. Remember, Michael is a shy person….I know that is hard to believe but he is. Knowing him as long as I have I know this. That may be why you feel he doesn’t feel comfortable. I think he is totally comfortable and very happy to be back with the band again. When you really get to know Michael, you see the very humble and thankful person he is. He is not just gorgeous on the outside, the inside is even more so. He is definately a fan’s performer.

    Love him,
    Connie Siders

  21. As far as I’m concerned, this is the most amazing group of singer’s out there to this date. I don’t agree with any of the negative remarks made here. This is a great group of Godly men ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lot of lost soul’s in this world, and they do it brilliantly. They are not perfect, as none of us are. But they each have been given a gift from God, and God has his hand on this Ministry of Song. As good as they are right now, and it’s hard for me to think they could get any better, I’m pleasantly surprise to find that they just keep getting better and better. As far a Michael go’s, there is no limit to his talent as a singer of the Gospel. He has been down in the Valley for a time and now, by the Grace of God, his is back up on the Mountain. He wear’s his relationship with God on the outside, and he’s not ashamed to let it show. God truly has his hand on Michael and he has let God be in control. And with that said, Hold on , because it’s only gonna get better.
    I have had the pleasure of meeting Michael and I can say that he is so humble and the most gracious person that I’ve ever met. He is very accessable to his fan’s and has a great appreciation for them. He’s very genuion. It is an honour for me to be one of Michael’s many fan’s.

    God is still on the Throne!!!!

  22. I’ve never liked “hyping the crowd” as most certainly takes place in and out of gospel music. But I don’t see “handclaps of praise” as hyping the crowd. I see it as rightly pointing praise away from the performers to the God who made their voices. Could it be overdone? Like anything, that’s possible. But wouldn’t it be wise to err on the side of giving God claps of praise more often rather than less often???

  23. #14, I have to agree that Michael doesn’t seem ‘at home’ in the GVB. It surprised me when he became an official member. Makes me wonder why he was chosen when the wait list for GVB must be a mile long.

  24. I think that this is the greatest lineup thus far of the GVB.
    This is the best of the best. I think the vocal’s are amazing, and every time I think that they can’t get any better, I am pleasantly surprised because it seems that they are getting better and better. If you read Michael’s book, you will understand a little about what seems like he may not ‘seem at home’. He suffered from anxiety attack’s which he has under control. He is happy and grateful to be back with the GVB. He has given God complete control. Who better to give control of your life to ? They have only been together for 3 month’s and their this good, can you imagine what they are going to sound like in another 3 month’s? WOW

    Michael is the best
    God is still on the Throne !!
    Forever His Fan

  25. Well…concerning enunciation:

    This is a home video, and possibly a cell phone camera. So you have a lack of sharpness both in audio and video. A professional recording would clarify that.

    Secondly, we down heah in da South ten to leave off our las syllable. We’ve been doin it fer years. I am from NC, not too far away from where Michael was raised. He sounds perfectly normal to me. (maybe it’s just because I am used to the drawl.)

    Comfort level has to be reacquired. He hasn’t been performing in these venues for a while.

    He’s come a long way in three months, and will progress farther. I feel sure of that.

    I am going to the concert in Fayetteville, NC, on 23 April, and will most likely have more to say after I’ve seen them firsthand.

    I’ve seen the GVB in several incarnations, and seen Mark Lowry and Michael English both perform solo. (Michael both at the height of his solo career, and after all the mess.) It’ll be interesting to see where they are now.

  26. # 24. To answer your question, I think the reason he was chosen was as simple as, $, $, $ !

  27. Wow… Michael has improved 100% since the Reunion CD… amazing!!

  28. Ok so I am new to this GVB, really enjoy them, but what happened to Guy? Also I have not been able to find the lyrics to this version of the song ‘It is Finished’ anyone have any ideas?

  29. Guy left last year, about 6 months ago, and will be starting a solo career.

    The lyrics are here: