GVB in the Studio

On his blog, Wes Hampton posts that the Gaither Vocal Band is back in the studio: [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link appears to be down, and has been removed.]

The GVB is doing great.  I go to Nashville next Wednesday morning to record vocals for some new material we’re working on.  We should have a recording out some time this year but I’m just not sure when (I would guess anyway, but I can’t be totally sure to be honest!).  It will be fun to have some material tailored specifically for this new group.  The blend and dynamic are getting so much better.  It’s difficult to work on parts and the blend when we’re not singing because everybody is spread out.  I’m here in Birmingham, Michael and David are in Nashville, Bill is in Indiana, and Mark is in Houston.  So, when we’re together on the road, we try to get in as much rehearsal as we can without tiring our voices out before each concert.

By the way, moving this up from the comments, here’s another video of the group in Fort Worth.

Mark Lowry’s voice has improved quite a bit over the past few years. It has a richer, thicker texture now. Speaking of which, David Phelps’ voice also sounds a little more mature. Both are nearing or at peak voice. Even though Michael English is past his peak voice years, he’s come a long way back from where he was even a few months ago. Wes Hampton is quietly in the background on this song, but hopefully the GVB will find ways to more effectively use his voice once the new CD comes out.

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  1. I am thrilled that they’re in the studio — but it seems like Bill Gaither always makes us wait a long time for his projects. Maybe he will be more interested in getting it out quickly because of the new formation of the group. (I hope, I hope!!)

  2. Wes Hampton said he expected it out this year – that’s a lot faster than usual. Typically they wrap the studio time at least a year before release date, or so it seems.

  3. I just found out that the Gaither Vocal Band is coming to our town’s brand new Christian Music Festival this year!! 😀 😀 (this will be are first yr for it, too.) I am SOO excited. Not everyday the GVB comes to Nova Scotia. 😉 Joining are other “headline” artists: The Oak Ridge Boys and Mercy Me. Plus all the local talent. Ohh I can’t WAIT to hear this new combination!!

  4. Perhaps they’ll have it before NQC. I know I’ll be buying it!

  5. That would be great if they had it out by NQC, Whenever it does come out I am buying it very quickly.

  6. i def can’t wait!

  7. Absolutely amazing! Mark has always been a fav. of mine, but wow! I’m speechless.

  8. I find your comments interesting about Mark Lowery and David Phelps reaching “Peak voice” and Michael English being past it. Hey! what about George Younce and Jake Hess and the many others like Vestal? Their voices carried a richness that could not be dupllicated. Plus their spirits and obvious love for their God more than made up for any loss of “Peak voice”

  9. Harold, even Michael himself has said the drugs did a number on his voice. That he has a good voice at all is a miracle.

    “Peak Voice” is something that is actually fairly objective – the years in a singer’s career in which they have the best voice control and tone, particularly at the farther reaches of their range. You mentioned George Younce – he is my favorite singer ever, and I say the same thing about him. His voice was at its peak from the early 70s through the mid-80s.

    After his heart attack, he thought he might never sing again. That he sang at all was – like in Michael’s case – a miracle. And even if he only went down to B-flat or maybe A-flat instead of G and F-sharps, like he was doing throughout the 70s – we still had him with us for another 15 years, and I’m profoundly grateful.

    Peak voice is just a musical term.

  10. I’m thinking they may be a group that God will use in a special way. Having come through some “stuff” often makes a person more willing to be used of God.

    I’m praying that this is the case. Who needs just another group of good singers.