Upcoming Concert: Collingsworth Family in Mansfield, OH

When Southern Gospel makes it to my immediate area, it has always been in the form of church concerts. A local businessman is changing that: He has rented out the largest theater in town tomorrow night, bringing in the Collingsworth Family tomorrow night for a Good Friday concert.

What makes this even more unique is that he’s not looking to make money from this: He paid their flat and rented out the theater, and he’s donating profits to his church’s mission fund.

Information on tickets is available at the Renaissance Theater’s website, here, or by calling them at (419) 522-2726. Tickets are $15 for up front, $10 for towards the back, and $7.50 for the nosebleeds (balcony).

If you are within reasonable driving distance and don’t have other Good Friday plans, I would love to see you there. Post here in the comments and perhaps we can make plans to meet beforehand or afterwards.

Note: I’ve had requests from time to time to make a post about a specific upcoming concert. I virtually never do this, but this effort is significant for Southern Gospel in my area that I made a rare exception. And no, I wasn’t asked to do this – I know of the person promoting it, but have never talked with him and, in fact, presently can’t remember his name.

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  1. Is it Randy Fagan?

  2. I would be there, but I have Holy Services.

  3. This makes me wish my folks still lived in Ohio, so I could visit them there! I recently heard them for the first time live, and they are excellent. Even my husband, who is not an SG fan, really enjoyed the Collingsworth Family’s performance, and asked me to buy some of their CDs for him. Which is VERY high praise for a group!

  4. Not sure. He owns a furniture store (Jerry’s Home Furnishings?)

  5. Not Randy then…maybe his name is Jerry.

  6. I did a little googling and found it’s John Matthes who owns Johnny‚Äôs Mattress & Furniture Superstore that is presenting this concert. If it was a little closer I’d come, but being Easter weekend I can’t make the jaunt. Thanks for the heads up though.

  7. Ah, yes, that’s him!