Concert Review: Collingsworth Family (Mansfield, OH)

Last night, the Collingsworth Family did a concert at the historic Rennaissance Theater in Mansfield, Ohio. Local businessman John Matthes, owner of Johnny’s Home Furnishings, paid the expenses of the concert and donated all proceeds to his church’s missions fund. Roughly 600 tickets were sold in advance (not counting tickets sold at the door), and the theater was fairly well filled. There were several hundred empty seats in the back and the balcony, but turnout was decent.

  • Inhabit the Praise.
  • Light from Heaven. The Collingsworth family has been singing this song for four years now, since it was released on CD and to radio in 2005. Since the last time I saw them sing this song, they have improved the live performance. One thing that particularly stood out was the Phil Jr. / Phil Sr. duet on a couple of lines during the verse they sing together. Their voices had a certain dynamic that just clicked in a fresh way on that song, most notably on the line “You’ve forgotten that the sky is blue.”
  • Trumpet Medley (Come into His Presence / Shout to the Lord / Trees of the Field). One thing was different from previous times I’d seen this song. As before, Phil and Kim stayed on stage, and Phil Jr. was running sound. This time, Brooklyn and Courtney stayed on stage (in the literal background) to provide live background vocals. Although the prerecorded vocals were still on the track, only someone familiar with the track would have known.
  • More than Just a Swear Word.
  • My Favorite Things. The biggest change in the family since the last time I saw them was the maturity in Olivia’s voice. She recently turned 11, and on this song, her voice had very few of the little-child inflections that it had a year ago. Her voice is maturing into a smooth alto voice fairly similar to Courtney’s alto. There were a few notes, especially the high notes, where the little child could still be heard in her voice, but her voice is maturing quickly.
  • Goodbye World Goodbye. This was Kim Collingsworth’s first piano solo of the night. I think Phil wasn’t quite expecting the enthusiastic response (I think the applause probably went close to a minute). But a large portion of the audience had probably never seen the Collingsworth family before, so this was their first time to see a Kim Collingsworth piano solo.
  • Holy Holy Holy. This was done acapella and featured Courtney. After the strong response the piano solo received, this was a perfect transition.
  • He Already Sees.
  • Lily of the Valley. This fiddle duet by Brooklyn and Courtney received enthusiastic applause.
  • He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need. This was a violin duet by Brooklyn and Courtney.
  • It is Well (piano solo – Kim). This was the first standing ovation of the night.
  • The Blood of Jesus.
  • Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho (piano solo – Kim). This was performed at the special request of the promoter, John Matthes, and received a standing ovation. After this song, they took a break for intermission.
  • Tradin’ This Old Cross for a Crown.
  • The Lover’s Waltz (violin duo – Brooklyn and Courtney).
  • I Can Trust Jesus.
  • The Healer is Here.
  • Piano Medley: Climb Every Mountain / ? / Ten Thousand Angels / Majesty / I’ll Fly Away / Then Came the Morning / Near the Cross. This was composed of requests from the audience. Kim focused on songs dealing with the Cross and the Resurrection,
  • How Great Thou Art (piano solo – Kim). Stellar as always, and greeted by a standing ovation.

The concert was somewhere around 2 hours (counting the time off for intermission). Many in the audience had not seen the Collingsworth family before, and they picked up quite a few new fans last night.

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  1. “He Looked Beyond My Mouth…?”

    He did, but I’m not sure that’s the name of the song…

  2. mouth…..ha! Leave to a blogger to have running the mouth on his mind…..tounge in cheek there…Ok I’ll stop!

    Typo of the year.

  3. Who knows what was on my mind!

  4. I checked out their website but there are no clips of them singing. I wish more southern gospel artist would upgrade their sites so their music is playing. I’m relatively new to the southern gospel scene and with so many groups – I can’t decide whose CD to buy if I can’t hear the music.

  5. Do you know just how badly you just made me want to see them again? And they won’t be near me in an only them concert (or w/e you call that) for quite some time. =(

  6. Atara, their music label has posted many of their songs on YouTube to watch for free:

  7. Daniel, did Phil or Kim make any mention of recording a new cd? With their past two studio albums they’ve been graduating to a full sound. I would love for them to make a cd soon. really soon. =)

  8. Be watching my blog within the next few days. 🙂

    I had the opportunity to sit down for a half-hour with Phil before the concert, and a feature interview is forthcoming. I did my end of the work this afternoon, and I sent it over to their office about an hour ago for them to look over to see if there’s anything I got wrong or didn’t come out quiet like he meant it to.

    That’s my standard operating procedure for my features, by the way. I’m not Rolling Stone by any stretch—everyone’s better off when the final product is accurate. 🙂

    OK, I’ll give a sneak peek on that part. They’re going into the studio on Monday to start tracking their next project.

  9. I’m with Elisabeth (#5) – hearing about the concert made me want to see them live again! I’ve only heard them once at a Gaither Gathering, but they were the best part of the show for us, and the new GVB sang that night!

  10. That’s great to hear about the attendance. Wish I could have made it.

  11. Its interesting that they didn’t do their latest single, “Blessed be the Lamb”…

  12. True. I was hoping they’d do it.

  13. I am glad you had a good time Daniel, the Collingsworth are a wonderful family. I am also surprised they did not do their latest single, the last two Legacy Five concerts I went too they didn’t do their single “In A Million Years” at either one. That surprised I thought maybe artist’s would always do their latest single’s at their concerts.

  14. Thanks, for answering my question!! They are certainly long overdue for a new album. They are “Featured Artists” on “The Gospel Greats” program this coming weekend (April 18/19, 2009). Considering that Charlotte Ritchie will no longer take a Top 5 nomination for Fav. Soprano, it would be interesting to see if Brooklyn made the top 5. She could certainly make it. She’s a hard act to follow! =)