Robbie Hiner back on the road

It looks like Robbie Hiner–founder of the Old Time Gospel Quartet–has come back on the road, as the tenor for the Classic Imperials, of all groups. Of course, Hiner was never a member of the Imperials, but evidently Jim Murray came off the road and the group was in need of a tenor.

Hiner has also signed on as Vice-President of Alliant Music Group, which appears to be a Black Gospel label.

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  1. Let me make it a little more easy to find. [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]

  2. I think this is great. Robbie is the kind of christian gentleman that our industry needs. After all he has been through, I hope this is a good stop for him….of course,
    so is Jim M…does anyone know what happened to him?

    Paul Jackson / The Prophets Qt

  3. Robbie’s a good singer however I will be interested to hear how he sounds with the group. He just doesn’t appear to be a “Imperials” type tenor IMO..

  4. Robbie’s a good singer however I will be interested in hearing how he sounds with the group. His voice doesn’t seem to be an “Imperials” type voice…IMO

  5. praise the lord

  6. I am so glad he is back singing. I have really missed hearing him sing since he left OTGH.

  7. I heard robbie years ago at kelview heights and he sounded great wether he was with a group or not he sounded great i hope that doesnt change

    • I too found robbie hiners music at kelview and still have his albums. Feel God’s presence strongly when I listen to him

  8. Wow!!! I am in awh of Robbie. I grew up knowing him and listening to Robbie, Don, and Mack. I also use to listen to the Imperials. I happen to see him and the Imperials last night on a special on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. I loved it and was so moved to hear them all sing together. It has been to long Robbie. Love to see you again.

  9. I knew Robie as a young boy at Franklin Baptist church in Memphis his father was my sunday school teacher the whole family sang in the choir Ifwoudl like to hear fron Clarence l& family

  10. Hey this is Mary, Robbies sister. We lost our mom on April 6th 2009. I was in VA with Rob and John, my younger brother. I Live in Southaven, MS now. Rob is in Indiana. I remember Franklin Road Baptist Church. Pastor Fortson was the pastor. Dad is doing good and we are living in the hope of eternity with mom.

    • I’m so sorry to learn of your mom’s passing away. The last I heard she was in the hospital but I did not ever hear how she was doing.. And I know it will be hard for all of you at this time of the year.. What is Rob doing in Indiana now. Did his job take him there to Indiana .I did not think he would every leave Franklin, TN away from his 2 sons.. because Chad and Chris is the biggest part of his life..

    • Mary Hiner,

      Mary – Bertha Gay (Tuggle) and I have been trying to locate you guys. I discovered Sister Hiners passing on a church blog in VA. I’m not good with these e-mails. If this finds it’s way to you please contact us as we are back in Arkansas with B.G’s mother – Velma. Her Dad – Sherman passed away about 7 years ago.
      A year ago Nov. 10th they told me that I have incureable leukemia. The chemo is keeping me alive for now but we’d love to see Bro. hiner and ya’ll again. If you’re still in Southhaven it’s only about 5 hours for us.

      God bless ya’ll and give every one our best.

      Because He lives,

      Len Whitman

    • when robbie was in indiana he helped me a lot in my faith and tought me things about music. hes a really great guy and id like to get ahold of him. could someone give him my e-mail:

    • I guess we know where he is now. It was becoming the greatest disappearance singe Jimmy Hoffa.

    • Mary, I met Robbie when he came to Patrick County to visit relatives the summer before he started Liberty that fall. I kept up with him through OTGH for years. I am trying to find out how he is and where he is. Could you tell me or give him my email address? Thanks, Sharon

    • Hi Mary, I’m surprised you remember Franklin Baptist Church. I remember you as a darling 4 yr old there singing with Robbie who was 10. I was just there 6 months while my husband was in Vietnam. My daughter was 2 and I taught the 4 & 5 yr olds in VBS that summer of 1966. My Family’s last name was Caughron.

  11. i’m sorry to learn of your mom’s decease. Robie came to Peace Ch. in Wilson, NC several years ago. What a blessing! What a gift he has from the Lord, that one of a kind voice! May God give him the availabiltiy to continue to keep our gospel music alive. Just last weekend I went to see Bill Gaither in Fayetteville, NC and his program is not the same because of the new trend of music resulting from the deaths of those who were in gospel music for so many years. Be blessed from the hand of the Lord!

  12. I LOVED listening to Robbie, Don and Mack. My brother went to Lynchburg, and met Robbie many times. What part of Indiana is Rob living? I am so happy he is singing again with a group.

  13. I am so blessed to have met and know Mr. Hiner. He was one of my biggest influences for me while attending Liberty University, as well as being a member of TRBC. Mr. Hiner had me sing solo on OTGH, and that experience opened up so many doors for me! But what I love and appreciate most about Mr. Hiner is his love for Jesus. Mr Hiner is surely a worshipper, and I hope to hear from you soon friend!!! God bless!

  14. Robbie,
    There is no way you can remember me and my family but we got to know you at Liberty Baptist in San Jose, CA. years ago. You came and performed at the fairgrounds for one of the churches biggest days. The bus I worked on brought in about 300 that day. What a glorious memory. Our entire family is still praising our Matchless, Endless, Amazing Lord. Lots of water has passed under the bridge since then and many difficult lessons have been learned. I am so glad to hear that you are still using that amazing voice to glorify God.

  15. No one could sing Finally Home like Robbie. Is there anyway to buy it on a cd.

    • Hi, and I hope there’s a place where I can purchase this cd….I have been searching everywhere for THIS song, by ROBBIE HINER, which I have been hearing for years….PLEASE, someone tell me where I can purchase it or what to ask for…..thank you!!!

  16. Robbie Hiner! I just bought a turntable and am playing his records that I got while I was in Lynchburg (1973-76). Was just talking with a friend (a missionary with NTM), told her who I was listening to, and she said that she and her husband used to LOVE Robbie Hiner! (I just met her about 6 yrs. ago.)

    I used to sit in the front of the church (before I was in the OTGH Choir), while I was in college there. We all LOVED Robbie! The singers were more popular that the football players! And Robbie was the best! He’ll be best for any group he joins. I should rephrase that: Any group he joins will be better because of him! His voice is unmatchable and his songs have been such a blessing in my life. I’m so excited! I’m going to try to get a ticket to the Imperials now!

  17. You have been at the church I attend several times. I have gone to the Canton Baptist Temple for years. I love to hear you sing Finally Home. I would like it as my ringtone on my cell phone…however i would settle for it on a cd. Have you recorded it and is it available anyplace. I once had a tape of it but I do believe I wore it out playing it. My husband died 26 year ago and I would play that song and cry but they were happy tears because I knew he WAS “Finally Home”. Please let me know if there is any way I can get that song on cd or tape or record…anything. You want to come and sing it for me that would work too. Thanks, May God continue to bless you and your work!

  18. mary saw your reply give clarence my e mail address glad to hear for you i keep up with robie thru his email

  19. Hello: I am trying to find a copy of the song Robbine Hiner sang while with the OTGHT, “I’m Sailing Away”. Please respond if you know how I can get a copy.

    Thank you.

  20. We had Robie and the Lynchburg Youth Choir in our church in California in 1971 and enjoyed them very much…

  21. PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN PURCHASE A CD WITH ROBBIE HINER SINGING FINALLY HOME. I have been searching for a number of years….Bonnie L. Bauerle

  22. My husband and I were going through vinyl records and came across “Robbie Hiner Sings The Old Time Gospel”. It was recorded in 1976. I do not know how we came by it as we have records from my sister and other family members that have passed away. The strange thing was this album had never been opened. (It has now been played one time)

  23. I was in my late teens when I heard Robbie Hiner sing at Wilson Avenue Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama. My grandparents were members there and took me to hear Robbie sing one night. He was such a blessing to me at that time. I bought his album ” It Wouldn’t Be Enough” and listened to it over and over. I was probably 14 or 15 at the time. I am now 47 years old and can still remember how he touched me with his singing. I could truly feel the love of God he had in his heart. I have misplaced that album over the years and would love to find it again. If anyone knows how I can purchase that album please let me know. Thank you so much.

    • That song is my fav alos. I have been searching since I was a teen to find his albums. My dad had his record and we wore it slap out. Maybe his sister Mary will read this and help us out.

      • Hope you had some luck finding his albums. I did some searching and found what I was looking for. Amazon also has some listed:)

  24. I was trying to find out were i can buy Robbie Hiner, Sweet Communion Again. The tape we had finally went out and i love that album any info would help. Thanks.

  25. My brother sings locally and would love to include as the final song “Love Unexplainable.” He has been looking for an accompaniment soundtrack, or at least the piano accompaniment. He says the message is wonderful. Please respond if you know if it can be purchased. Thanks

  26. i would like a cd w/robbie singing the old rugged cross. heard it on bbn several times & he sings it like no other

  27. I glad to know Robbie is amongst us again and would like to hear his voice again or at least an Email. I used to sing in the Old Time Gospel Hour choir at it was a great time.

  28. robbie is a great vocalist. ..and, im pretty much in love with one of his sons! lol 🙂

  29. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Robbie Hiner. I remember him as a teenager at Westland Baptist in Denver. I was wondering if he is still on the road. We would love to have him at our church in Delaware.


  30. We have been aware of Robbie since before 1976 from the OTGH. Purchased several of his records, but it was
    It Would not be Enough which spoke to our hearts every morning in October, 1974. Sheltered in the Arms of God
    was so calming for us when our barely 3 yr old was diagnosed with leukemia. She now has a three year old
    of her own.
    Any time we have friends touched with a major illness we remember to recommend Robbie’s album.
    Unfortunately, today has been such a day. That is the reason I googled Robbie to learn what I could about him.
    The words to Sheltered in the Arms of God are available online. However, they are not the same without his
    voice. Has he recorded it on a CD???? If not, please consider it. In fact, he could just record It Would not be Enough
    all over again.

    • The words to Sheltered in the Arms of God are available online. However, they are not the same without Robbie’s
      voice Has he recorded it on a CD? It Would not be Enough coiuld be done on CD.

      • I don’t know if he has recorded it on a CD.

  31. I had the pleasure of attending LYNCHBURG BAPTIST COLLEGE in the second year of it’s existence. Robbie Hiner was there and had every reason to be proud and perhaps to feel that he was above other students who attended class with him. The opposite was easily found, in that Robbie was simply a wonderful person. I was not a close friend but would have enjoyed the opportunity. He was kind, polite and I hope the best for him.

  32. I was looking to find Robbie Hiner because I think I may have known his mother as a teenager. Did she ever live in Portsmouth, Virginia and did she work at the telephone company and attend the Alliance Church? Those are just some of the questions I have about her. She became friends with my sister Billie Gilliam and was in our home many times. She left Portsmouth to attend Nyack Missionary College in 1948 and we have only seen or heard from her a few times over the years. Her name was Betty Alderman at that time until she met Robbie Hiner in Nyack and married him. Please let me hear from you if this is the same person who was your mother, Please. So sorry to hear of your mother’s death. God bless you in your ministry of music to Him. Ina Mae Pierce, St. Petersburg FL

  33. I have a cassette tape of Robbie Hiner’s called Sweet Communion Again I love this tape, but no longer have anything to play it on. Hopefully I will be able to find something on DVD I like as well.

  34. I, too, really enjoy listening to Robbie sing. What is the best way to order the CD that has Bloodline to the Cross and Valley of the Shadow on it? Thanks Mary Kerr

    • I’d check Amazon. The title, as I recall, is “The Lamb is King.”

  35. Do you know where Robbie Hiner is now and what is he doing. I know that he was at a church in Fort Wayne as music minister but left there to be closer to his dad after his mother’s death. Since then I haven’t seen nor heard anything of him. I always enjoyed him when he was with the OTGH Quartet.