BMI honors most played 2008 Christian radio singles

Last night, BMI honored 26 Christian radio singles as the “Most Performed Christian Songs on Radio during 2008.” Five Southern Gospel singles were honored:

  • I CAN PRAY Nathan Markee Asheville Music Publishing Chris White Music Dove Brothers Sonlite Records
  • I’VE BEEN CHANGED Earl Galloway Jeff Steele Christian Taylor Music OSMR Songs Sunset Gallery Music Legacy Five Daywind Records/Daywind Music Group
  • LAST NIGHT Marcia Henry Christian Taylor Music Marcia Henry Music Karen Peck Gooch & New River Daywind Records/Daywind Music Group
  • NO DOUBT SALVATION Jeff Weeks Pisgah Ridge Music Palmetto State Quartet Sonlite Records
  • THE ROCK’S BETWEEN A HARD PLACE AND YOU Dianne Wilkinson Niles Borop Music Kingdom Heirs Sonlite Records

Oddly enough, none of these were Singing News #1s in 2008, but “I Can Pray” was #1 in June/August 2007  and “Last Night” was #1 in October 2007. “The Rock’s Between the Hard Place and You” peaked at #7 in December 2007.

This suggests that, at least according to BMI’s measuring methods, singles have more staying power on Southern Gospel radio than the SN chart reflects.

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  1. Hi, Daniel.

    I’m thinking that perhaps the way BMI is structured and the way radio stations report to them has something to do with the song honorees for 2008 being ones that seemingly made their mark in 2007.

    When I’m sent a BMI royalty payment, it is for a quarter that is around six month before I’m actually being paid for it. The payment I received in March 2009 is for airplay from July1 to September 30, 2008. Maybe that explains why it seems like it’s an awful long time to wait to honor these songs that were big in 2007. It would appear BMI wouldn’t know about all of 2008’s airplay at least until June of this year.

    That said, I think all five of these songs are worthy of the honor, mainly because at one point or another, these songs were played a lot! Nearly every time I turned on the radio it seemed like these were the songs being played–and they still are. On a side note, I am totally surprised that songs of my own that have been out for 10-15 years still reguarly show up on my BMI statement, which is cool to us writers.

    On a personal note, Dianne Wilkinson and Marcia Henry are two of the finest writers and friends that I have in this industry and the honor could not have been given to two more deserving writers or people. I spoke with Dianne on Friday morning and she was so excited to be attending on Saturday to receive her award with all the Kingdom Heirs there with her. I believe Marcia’s daughter had her senior prom and Marcia rightfully chose to be with her rather than attend. But she was still excited and humbled at the honor.

    Congrats to Dianne, Marcia and all the writers who were honored! Job well done!

    Barbara Huffman

  2. Thank you for that explanation—that’s very interesting. By comparison, how far behind is the SN chart? 6 weeks?

  3. I’d say that is about right.

  4. Daniel this might be a bit off topic but the Booth Brothers have just started a blog