Marshall Hall announces future plans

In a post on the Gaither Community site yesterday, Marshall Hall announced his future plans (hat tip, JT): [EDIT, 6/7/12: Broken link removed.]. Since you have to be a logged-in member of the Gaither Community to read the post, here are some of the highlights:

  • He has accepted a worship pastor position at a church in Phoenix, Arizona called Mountain Park Community Church.
  • He has also agreed to record a new project with Daywind, and will be spending the next few months writing and finding some songs for the project.
  • He will be doing solo dates: “My new church home is being very gracious in allowing me to travel and do concerts as well as serve as worship pastor there.”

For everyone who thought Hall’s future would surely be in CCM or in modern Praise & Worship, it’s interesting to see he’s releasing a title on Daywind. Though Daywind has some artists they are taking to CCM radio, this move makes it quite likely that Hall’s project will have some strong Southern Gospel ties.

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  1. Have you heard his previous 2 solo releases? Other than the single Daystar, there isn’t anything Southern Gospel about them. Not that I’m complaining.

  2. I am absolutely elated to know that he will still be recording and doing solo dates. I completely love his Boundless CD. Wisdom of Fools was great as well, but not as much to my personal taste. I’m thankful we haven’t seen the last of Marshall! He’s a rare and wonderful talent.

  3. Marshall Hall is easily the best baritone the GVB has ever had. I was very disappointed to see him go, but I am thrilled with the future plans he has. Boundless was a fantastic album and I hope we can expect more of the same.

  4. i am glad i stumbled across this update. i wish the very best for marshall hall; will miss him dearly as a part of gvb & was devastated to hear that he and guy had left the group. may God bless & prosper him – beautiful spirit, beautiful voice!

  5. I agree with Greg … the best baritone the GVB has ever had. Marsh singing “When I Cry” on the Reunion DVDs – it just cannot get better than that. The ultimate trio was Guy/Marsh/Wes. Thankfully we can enjoy them on the DVDs and CDs where they are together.

    • Amen on the ultimate trio!

  6. When I Cry-Performed byMarshall Hall deserves another BRAVO
    Joe Sahadi

  7. Very sad that Marsh. has left the GVB. However, I am happy for the people of his new church. I hope he is able to present a concert in Austin, Texas someday . Blessings for you and your family Marshall.


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