EHSS, GVB take home Doves

At the 2009 Dove Awards, the Gaither Vocal Band took home a Dove for Lovin’ Life, the final project with Guy Penrod and Marsh Hall, and Ernie Haase & Signature Sound took home a Dove for “Reason Enough.”

In other news, Steven Curtis Chapman won several of the main awards, including Songwriter and Artist of the Year, marking a high point in what has been a challenging twelve months for his family after the sudden death of his youngest daughter last year.

More details tomorrow…or, as of the time the publish button is clicked, later today.

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  1. Unfortunately, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound didn’t win for Song of the Year with “Reason Enough.” It was Brandon Heath’s “Give Me Your Eyes.”

  2. I was glad that EHSS won for Reason Enough be dissapointed they didn’t win for group of the the year! 🙁 That would have been so cool!

  3. Actually, ErnieFan, if you notice, I didn’t actually say they won Song of the Year (and no, I haven’t edited it yet—I may save the full edits for my roundup post tomorrow).

  4. Thanks for posting…

    I was at the GVB /EHSS concert last night and Ernie said he’d been texted with winning a Dove…

  5. So did they win a Dove? Post #1 has me confused. What was the Dove for?

  6. They won for SG song of the year, not overall SOTY.

  7. I am delighted that GVB won for Lovin’ Life with Guy, Wes and Marsh. They are still the best IN MY OPINION.

    • I think so too!

  8. Rita–
    I never got to see that particular incarnation of the Gaither Vocal Band in concert. I wish I had, Marshall Hall is a gifted singer.

    Even though I am a Michael English fan (and unashamedly so, even through the mess) I was afraid that having gone solo was going to be something to overcome…with him and David Phelps as well.

    I was wrong. FLAT OUT wrong. One of the great pleasures of the concert last night was seeing how much Bill actually loves these guys. And has for years. They love him, too, and that shows as well.

    I do not know what caused Guy to decide now was a good time to go solo. I had identified his voice with GVB so strongly that I didn’t think it was going to float. But it does. And it floats so beautifully—far above and beyond my expectations–that I left thinking that this may be the best chapter of the Vocal Band.

  9. thanks daniel