Saturday News Roundup #35

In the news:

  • A more complete list of Dove Awards in categories of interest to Southern Gospel fans:
    • Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year: “Reason Enough” by Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
    • Bluegrass Recorded Song of the Year: “They’re Holding Up The Ladder” by Jeff & Sheri Easter
    • Southern Gospel Album of the Year: Lovin’ Life, Gaither Vocal Band
    • Bluegrass Album of the Year: We Are Family, Jeff & Sheri Easter
    • Musical of the Year: God Bless the USA by Sue C. Smith, Brentwood/Benson
  • The Dills have a funny post and video up about how they were helped out by a spontaneous audience member during a recent rendition of “Tired of Running.”

Video of the Week:

The Video of the Week definitely comes from Wes Hampton, who gives us an inside peek inside the studio during the recording of the next Gaither Vocal Band album:

If the songs we hear samples from—”He Touched Me,” “I  Believe in a Hill Called Mt. Calvary,” “These are They,” and a tune featuring Michael English discussing the universal (catholic with a small c) church—are representative, it looks as though the recording might focus on five-part renditions of familiar GVB songs. It does make sense in a way, since having tracks available for their most popular songs, newly customized for five-part harmony, is probably more urgently needed for their stage presentation than new material. But hopefully new material will also be forthcoming.

Also worthy of mention: Matt Paasch caught a recent video of King’s Gold in action, joined by Nick Trammell (in the red coat) on baritone and Gold City pianist Josh Simpson on bass!

Upcoming Album Reviews:

  • May 1 – Classic CD – Love’s Sweet Story (Poet Voices)
  • May 8 – Worth It (Brian Free & Assurance)
  • May 22 – Classic CD – Pilgrim Song (Poet Voices)

(This list may be updated later in the day if I have time to write reviews for a couple of CDs sitting on my desk…or, as is more often the case these days, mp3s without liner notes. Those can prove to be an interesting challenge to review!)

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  1. Daniel,

    On one of wes’ blogs he mentions they are doing two new cd’s. I would guess that one is a collection of these song’s (older familair gvb songs) and one is new material. Wes thought they would both be out later this year.

    David must live in the middle of nowhere! ha.

    The song you didn’t know (discussing the church) is The Church Triumphant.

  2. Mark – I’d forgotten that they were doing two. Now that you say it, that sounds right. Thanks!

    Oh, I’ve heard “The Church Triumphant” before, and have a couple versions in my collection. But despite that it sounded vaguely familiar, I didn’t recognize the tune under the vocal embellishments. The part that did sound really familiar was the “charlatans” line—I thought I’d heard that in a Gaither recitation before, but I wasn’t sure what they were borrowing it from.

  3. Gloria did the recitation before. You can see it on Youtube.

  4. It would be great if they had at least one of the new projects available by the time NQC rolls around.

  5. can’t wait until I get home from work so I can watch it! 😀


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