Dove Awards nominees announced

David Bruce Murray at MusicScribe has a good summary and commentary on the Dove Awards nominees. [EDIT, 6/7/12: Broken link removed.] He does make a point about how the artists on the Torch project could claim to be Dove Nominated Artists now, though (as he well says) that would be a stretch. The artists on that NQC Special Event project, incidentally, were:

Lauren Talley, Scott Inman, Annie McRae, Adam Crabb, Jeremy Peace, Josh Feemster, Derrick Selph, Jeremy Lile, Nick Succi, Brandon Reese, Jason Selph, Amber Thompson, Jeff Snyder, Kelly McRae, Christian Davis, Ricky Free, Matthew Holt, Jeremy Brown, Paul Smith, Chris Weaver, Matt McFarland, Aaron Crabb, Jason Crabb, Dusty Barrett, Justin Ellis, Micah Schweinsberg, Lori Sikes, Zach Smith, Autumn Thompson, Avery Wolfe, Scott McDowell, Randy “Scoot” Shelnut, Jr., John Rulapaugh, Lance Moore, Josh Singletary, Aaron McCune, Andrew Ishee, Jim Mahalick, Jessica Harrison, Amber Balltzglier, Katy Peach, Joseph Habedank, Jason Waldroup, Anthony Facello, Josh Garner, Chris West, Stewart Varnado, The Crabb Family, Lauren Talley, Stephanie Brown, Eddie Harrison, Josh Simpson, Troy Peach, Terah Penhollow, Kelly Bowling ; Ed Leonard, Crystal Burchette, Mike Speck, Rick Shelton, Melody Van Nuss

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  1. I thought that was a great project and I still enjoy listening to it pretty often. Several of my favorite young artists were featured and I thought they did terrific jobs!!

  2. It’s not a stretch if the entire group is on the recording. If it’s just one member – yes that would be a stretch.

    However – if that particular album won the award (which I doubt highly that it would) – each participant on the album receives a Dove statue for their participation.

  3. Chris,
    I don’t think that would be the case with Torch. The rules for who receive statuettes are listed here: [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

    In the case of Special Event Album, the artist only gets a statuette if they are “prominent.” There is no prominent artist on Torch, so I believe in this case, the statuette would go to the producer.

  4. David – if there is no prominent artist – then they aren’t listed in the nominations. This has happened SEVERAL times with past projects (most notably older Passion projects). Torch listed everyone in the nominations – meaning they are listed as prominent artists. If the project was to win the award – everyone listed would recieve the Dove Award.