Eddie Crook Company merged into Cross & Crown Music

One of the artists on the Eddie Crook Company roster recently bought out the company; Reverend Gary Gabbard of the Gabbards, his brother Reverend Keith Gabbard, and Garnie Yeager, have purchased the company and renamed it Cross & Crown Music.

The company will include the labels Cross & Crown Records, 4 Square, Morning Star, and Cedar Hill. In addition to maintaining current groups and finding new groups, the company plans to re-release classic Morning Star recordings.

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  1. You produced some records for The Merediths, a family that sung as a gospel quartet. I’m trying to find out what happened to The Merediths. Can anyone give me an update?

    • Hi Darlene! I just stumbled across your question and thought I’d respond!

      Brett and his wife Mary are now Salvation Army officers (pastors) in Kerrville TX, and Alesia (my wife) is a full-time mommy to three wonderful kids. I’m been on staff at a church in Lexington SC as Worship & Fine Arts Pastor for more than 6 years now.

      Alesia and I still write music, and we still travel from time to time to minister. We even get together with Brett now and again for a concert!

      I hope that answers your questions – be blessed!

      • where can I get CD’s for when Alesia was singing? I have NEVER forgotten the night ya’ll were at my church, Hope Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL probably 20 years ago, and the impact her singing had on me. There was one particular song, something about “The lamb of God….” something, but I cried and cried and she fainted after the last note. When ya’ll were through with the singing, ya’ll walked down the side of the church during the last prayer and she put her hand on my shoulder, (heavens!!I’m crying now!!)that’s how powerful it was to me and I wore out the tapes I bought that night. )Didn’t have CD’s then. And I can’t find a thing on youtube where ya’ll are singing. She sent me a picture of you and her and the children a year or so ago when I finally found how to e-mail her. Anyway, info on how I can get CD’ s or tapes of “The Merediths” singing, would greatly be appreciated. I have always loved ya’ll and thought often of ya’ll and look for CD’s or tapes in every Christian store I go in but to now avail. Love to all, Anita Goodwin (biggest Merediths fan)

  2. Hi Anita! WOW – it’s so wonderful to hear your memory of our ministry!

    We still have a couple of Merediths projects on CD, as well as our latest ministry CD (Jordan Crossing). You can e-mail us at larrys@lswc.com. We’ll help you any way we can!

    Also, you might check eBay – I see some of our stuff on there every now and again.


  3. I am looking to find a copy of THE MEREDITHS old cassette tape called There’s Nothing Sweeter. I was really younger under the age of 10 when I think this family may have sang at my church. I have been trying to find these songs on the internet but can’t I am now 23 yrs old and just found the cassette box with no tape in it. I used to know every word to all the songs on this tape and really want to hear these songs again.

    • Hi Virginia! E-mail me @ larrys@lswc.com. I’ll see if I can help you with that.

  4. where can I find the Our

  5. Does anyone in Cross & Crown Music Group have rights to earlier recordings from the Eddie Crook Company? I have looked for older recordings on ebay website but some groups/artists I am unable to find. Hope maybe you can help me.

    • I’m sure someone owns the rights, but I’m not sure who – and whoever it is, evidently getting back catalog onto iTunes isn’t at the top of their priorities list!

  6. I am looking to get an old song off of a tape that wren records done produced by Eddie Crook the group is called Redemtion, probably the only tape they made, it was called Strong Family Resemblance. They were local here and a local church has the tape but its in rough condition. Is there any way to find the songs off this tape in mp3 or on cd? Who would know, Ive tried to look it up on internet but to no luck. Any help would be Appreciated!!!

  7. I’m trying to contact Carol B. Johnson who wrote ‘Who Put the Tears in the Eyes of the Lamb’, published by Eddie Crook’s Chestnut Mound Publishing company and made popular by the McKameys 30+ years ago. Can you help me, please?

  8. You can try contacting Eddie here:

  9. Could you tell were i could find a video of the Better Way Quartet that was recoreded in either 1990 or 1991 i think it was on harvest records but i heard that eddie crook bought it out

  10. I been trying to find a sound track by the Southern Gospel Group The Chandlers recorded
    in the 90’s. The song title This Man Jesus, could you please help me.

    David Naff

    • As far as I know, it is not for sale anywhere.

  11. Morningstar produced a black group that we saw in concert with you in Kentucky the were amazing and sounded like Charles Johnson. William Clayton and Redeemed I know was the group name. We bought their cd. Are they still with you label. Will they have a new project soon or coming in concert soon ? They were a blessing

  12. I’m trying to find an old song from the Reinhardts “Johnys coming home” 1992 its off of their Seal of Approval album from MorningStar. Do you have any suggestions where to look. Been researching on the internet and this is the most up to date info I’ve found so far. Thanks for any help or suggestions. GBU

  13. Much if not all of Eddie Crook publishing and catalog is owned now by either: