SG Artist in Serious Accident

Southern Gospel artist and blogger Allison Lynn and her husband Gerald were involved in a serious car accident on Sunday:

Gerald and I have just had a terrible car accident. We were hit by an 18-wheeler, which spun us around, pushed us down the highway, dragged us along under its wheels, and eventually flipped us one and a half times before landing upside down.

Their car was totalled, but to the paramedics’ amazement, they were uninjured. Keep them in prayer, especially since an accident that serious can involve some major trauma in getting back on the road (I’ve been there and done that myself), and it would have to be especially hard for someone who lives their life on the road.

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  1. Is this the lady that was with the Speers? That is absolutely awful. I can’t believe they weren’t hurt.

  2. (I guess that’s not who it is.)

  3. No, it’s not – she’s an independent artist, but one fairly known in the SG blogging world since she’s been an artist blogger since well before it was popular.

  4. So sorry to hear about this. Praying for her and her husband.