How do you read this blog?

For years, I invariably read blogs by visiting the actual site. Then, about a year ago, I discovered Google Reader and have switched all my blog reading over to their convenient RSS reader. I presently subscribe to 53 blogs there; that would be an insane number to try to visit on a daily basis, especially since many of them are only updated occasionally.

How do you read this blog? And, while we’re at it, how many other blogs do you read on a regular basis?

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  1. I read these blogs by visiting each site and just bookmarking my favorites.

    However, i did not know about google reader. Sounds great, i may just have to switch over

  2. I do it the old fashioned way, too! I have about 20 or so SG sites that I visit using bookmarks/favorites. I don’t read all of them every day but I do go to most of them. You make the Google reader sound pretty good, Daniel, so I may check it out, too!

  3. It is pretty good–especially if you have favorite blogs (say Gerald Wolfe’s), where there are rarely new posts, but you want to catch a new post when it comes up. In my experience, Google Reader doesn’t take much longer than maybe 5 or 10 minutes to refresh with new stories.

  4. I use Outlook ’07 to import the RSS…they come in like an email.

  5. For the six to 10 blogs I read regularly, I’ve been going to the actual Web site locations.

  6. Yeah, actual website. I have this one (plus the comments feed), two personal ones from forums folk, and Debbie Bennett’s on a toolbar in Firefox. I can check using the drop-down menu. Of course it wouldn’t work for 53!

  7. As I’ve mentioned, I used to use Yahoo email’s RSS feed, but they said hardly anyone used it and they discontinued it. 🙁 That frustrated me; it was really convenient!

  8. Amy, have you considered trying Google Reader? There’s nothing to make you keep using it if you try it and don’t like it!

  9. I’m old fashioned – I like to go to the actual website. However, I only read three blogs regularly – this one, David Bruce Murray’s, and

  10. This post is the first I ever heard of it, but I might try it out!

    This week I’m keeping my life to a minimum, I hope, besides finishing up a 10-page paper I received an extension on before graduation, playing the piano for our revival every night, packing and preparing, and – oh, yeah, leaving at 7 am Friday morning. 😀

    I decided to leave my laptop at home, so my internet access is not going to be all day every day as usual. I’m actually looking forward to it! (And I think it would be that way whether I took the laptop or not.)

  11. I let my fingers do the walking: they know all of the urls by (their figurative) hearts. I check 5 typically just by going straight to the website, although I am subscribed to email updates from your blog in case I’m gone for a few days.

    I use Google reader, but I tend to forget that it is there.

  12. Well, being the social networker that I am LOL–I use RSS feeds anytime they are available. On SGN we offer RSS feeds and we offer email updates either weekly or daily.

    Personally, I use a program (Mac only) that pulls in Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds. For the feeds it pulls in a short summary, and if it’s something I want to read I click on the link and it opens the page in my browser so I then read the entire article on the website.

  13. I usually check this one only since it is updated almost daily. I’ll check Gerald Wolfe’s and Nathan Prisk’s blogs occasionally.

  14. Google Reader works well for me keeping up with a large number (48) of feeds.

  15. I use Google Homepage and have all my RSS feeds categorized. I have a Music tab, a Movies tab, an “Others” tab, and a News Feed. Yes, I AM a geek!! That way, I get the headlines as links to those posts, but I go to the actual site to read the post itself.

    Basically, I have a list of post titles, and if I wanna read it, I’ll click on it, and I’ll go directly to that post on the site. If I don’t wanna read it (and I’ll leave those posts to the imagination), I won’t click on them.

  16. I use RSS on my Opera browser. Opera remembers the websites you were on before you close the program, so you can get right back to where you left off.

  17. I use Firefox toolbar which holds about 20 blogs (if you abbrev. the names) so first thing every morning, click, and there you are!

  18. I get this one through email, and I only read one other regularly, and I go to the website for it (

  19. I like the old fashioned way too. I visit the actual website! You are the ONLY blog I visit daily, because you are so wonderful to update so often! We appreciate you, Daniel!

  20. “The old-fashioned way.” 😆

    How is it that we think that way now?

  21. #20 – Amy, yes, that is funny!

    gaithergirl and all the others, thank you so much for your kind words!

  22. I go directly to the blogs’ homepages of those that I visit daily – about 20. This is the only SG blog I visit regularly – the rest are “mommy blogs,” although I do occasionally visit other SG blogs.

  23. For this blogs and the few others I read regularly (or semi-regulary! 😀 ) I go directly to the web site. 😉

  24. Usually in google reader but on my phone at the moment.

  25. Thanks for the idea Daniel! I heard about Google Reader, but never tried it out. I can now read blogs that are blocked at my place of work (Blogger/blogspot)!

  26. Now that’s cool!

  27. I use a program called Sharpreader…may have to check out Google, though, if it allows feeds to be categorized. That would be nice.

  28. I go to Enlighten’s site ( & check the News & Views tab. If anything big is going on, it’s usually there.

  29. Google does allow feeds to be categorized, and that is nice!