Melody Boys celebrate 60th Anniversary

In 1949, the Melody Boys Quartet launched. At the time, their 16-year-old bass singer, Gerald Williams, was the youngest bass singer on the Southern Gospel circuit. Today, after six decades on the road, he is possibly the oldest bass singer on the circuit.

To commemorate the group’s 60th anniversary, Solid Gospel will be hosting a live one-hour special program on May 18 at 9:00 A.M. This will feature songs from the group’s most recent recording, Destination Heaven, and interviews with the current members of the Quartet. Besides Williams, the quartet is composed of tenor Tim Williams (no relation to Gerald), lead singer Alan Kendall, and baritone/pianist Caleb Matheny.

A big congratulations to the Melody Boys! Though the group has come off the road briefly here and there, so it isn’t 60 consecutive years, this is a major milestone and definitely worth commemorating.

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  1. I’m delighted to join in the celebration for my friend, Gerald Williams, and the Melody Boys, from my home state of Arkansas. When I was a very little girl, the Melody Boys’ piano player…”Smilin’ Joe Roper”…was my first pianist hero and a friend of my family. It’s reasonable to say the Melody Boys had a huge part in my involvement in Gospel Music today, because a long time ago they convinced my mother and aunt that they should start a Gospel trio. They did, and I joined them playing and singing at the age of 12. From back in that day when the personnel included such greats as Fred Smith on lead, Jerry Venable on tenor, Coolidge Faulkner on baritone, and Gerald on bass…to RIGHT NOW, the Melody Boys have been among our finest and most innovative quartets. Gerald, my sweet friend….I hope you keep singing till Jesus comes! And you still sing GREAT!!!!!! Love and congratulations….Dianne.

  2. What a classy group! I’m so thrilled that they are getting recognition for this milestone. Gerald Williams is an incredible gentleman who deserves to be in Gospel music’s Hall of Fame not just for his longevity but for his contributions to the Southern Gospel genre. Congratulations, guys!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Melody Boys and congratulations on a job beautifully done.

  4. Happy 60th! You guys sound awesome!

  5. Hidee,
    The Live Listening Party with The Melody Boys Quartet on Solid Gospel this morning was marvelous! It sounded like they were sitting in my computer room! !