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An article on the Blackwood Quartet was featured on This is Ron and R.W. Blackwood’s group, the group which John Rulapaugh sings with.

Jimmy Blackwood’s Blackwood Brothers Quartet, the one taping a live DVD this evening in Florida, is a different group; Mark Blackwood’s Blackwood Gospel Quartet is a third group.

Just as an attempt to get it straight for everyone:

Blackwood Brothers Quartet: Traditional male quartet led by Jimmy Blackwood, son of legendary Blackwood Brothers Quartet lead James Blackwood.

Blackwood Gospel Quartet: Traditional male quartet led by Mark Blackwood, son of Blackwood Brothers Quartet baritone Cecil Blackwood.

Blackwood Quartet: Traditional male quartet led by Ron and R.W. Blackwood, sons of Blackwood Brothers Quartet baritone R.W. Blackwood. R.W. was a crucial member of the group until a 1954 plane crash that claimed his life as well as the life of Bill Lyles, the group’s bass singer.

Blackwood Singers: Mixed group also led by Ron and R.W. Blackwood.

Both the Blackwood Quartet and the Blackwood Singers perform almost exclusively as part of a variety show in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. (Of course, as the article which prompted this post shows, it’s not quite exclusively, as they do a bit of touring in the winter months.)

On the other hand, the Blackwood Gospel Quartet and the Blackwood Brothers are the two regularly touring quartets on the Southern Gospel circuit that still bear the Blackwood name and trace lineage to a famous member of the original group.

Attempting to tell the various Blackwood groups apart can get a little confusing, but hopefully this summary made it a little less so.

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