“New” Gaither Vocal Band?

In numerous reviews and comments about the Gaither Vocal Band’s new lineup, I’ve seen them referred to as the new Gaither Vocal Band. Since I was curious whether this informal name change might catch on, I checked with Wes Hampton. He replied:

As far as I know, the name will remain the same. I have not heard any mention of using the word “new.”

It would have been an interesting move, coming full circle to the original name, but at this point in the group’s career, it probably just doesn’t make sense to re-brand the group.

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  1. I’d wondered that myself. Thanks for the post!

  2. See:

    That initial info about the old members returning is what started people using the word “new.”

    Like you, I think it would be a great move for them to put “new” back on their CD covers.

  3. Actually, I guess you didn’t use the word “great.”

  4. Actually, the GVB sound is phenominal with the returning members. They are getting rave reviews and people who have seen them can’t wait to see them again. I have been to one and it was awesome. I know that word is overused but no other word says it better. They really are a new sound but they probably will drop the new. I’m in favor of using GGVB.

  5. Shouldn’t it be the Old Gaither Vocal Band? Just kiddin’….lol

  6. Let’s take the middle position.
    How about “revamped.”
    It doesn’t sell as much “new” or “old.”
    It might be just as easy just to call it the Gaither Vocal Band.

    Remember, the cover might be different but what inside the package still has the constant message.

  7. It was great indeed,but very sorry for the most powerfull singer
    Guy Penrod,My faourite singer,Place come back and sing with your group God has the greater’s plan for you!!