25 Letters to the Editor

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  1. Looks like they were having a blast!

  2. it took mark like 20 times to get rid of “gently”!!

  3. Great stuff here. Mark really had a fixation on “gently”, didn’t he?

  4. I love the Camels cigarette deal at the beginning of the video. Haha =) Definitely looking forward to the new cd.

  5. This is great stuff!!!!!! Mark cracks me up!!!!! I cannot wait for the new CD’s!!!!!! What song is Wes singing it seems I should know it but I am drawing a blank!!!!!!!!

  6. The song Wes is singing, I believe is titled “Free At Last” isn’t it? Phelps is a musical genius.

  7. Nathan and David: The song is “I’m Free,” and it’s the one that Michael English got choked up on on one of the GVB Reunion videos.

  8. I find it funny how they keep reinforcing to the viewers that Mark Lowry is saying “Shoot”…haha…might as well nip it in the bud.

    But i’m really looking foward to this project!! (i hope they add at least one or two fast songs)

  9. Hey when did David become a salesman for Camel?

  10. These guys are role models for many, many people. David having an old Camel sign on his wall just is not appropiate!
    I am not a legalist, if you are wondering, not even close, but
    this blows me away.

    This reaffirms questions I have had way in the back of my
    mind for years about him. Too bad, the voice is magnicificant!

  11. Sorry I did not mean for this to be a slur against David. It was a joke. When you record many times they may rent a studio that is not christian owned. This may be the case with this recording. I in no way meant to accuse David of representing cigarettes. It was just a joke. Sorry for any confusion.

  12. Hey, preachers smoked back in the ’50’s. Then they saw the bums doing it on the street and stopped.

  13. Yeah, I’m pretty sure DP’s not a Camel rep. 🙂

  14. I believe that is an antique sign…. I do not think it is that big of a deal… I don’t support smoking but I don’t think any less of David because he has an old antique sign for Camel smokes…

  15. “….she lighted off the camel.”

    Genesis 24:64(KJV)

  16. (And this might not even be his studio.)

  17. well…I’m not at all sure SoundStage are anything but commercial studios. Here’s the proof:

    [EDIT, 11/6/10: Regrettably, the link seems to be broken, so it has been removed.]

    They are not owned by any of the GVB, past or present.

    Rest Easy. 🙂

  18. I agree with Nathan, I don’t think the Camel sign is a big deal. It is a decoration and David should be able to decorate his studio anyway he likes. (Yes, I think the sign is in David’s studio, The Parlor. The video starts at Sound Stage, then moves to David’s studio on another day. The sign is in the second studio.)

    As for smoking, my dad always says, “Smoking won’t send you to hell. It just makes you smell like you’ve been there.”

  19. Folks…..it’s an old decoration for decorations sake. It iS David’s studio (the parlor – you can see it in wes’s blog as well) and everything in there decorations wise is kind of artsy/vintage. Rest assured , David doesn’t poison his lungs with cigarette smoke – so his mighty vocal chords are safe- nor is he a cig smokesman!

    It’s just a decoration- more than likely for the humor as much as anything. I’m sure he no intention of it drawing attention from those who like to worry about everything.

  20. David is fantastic and that laugh of his has me in stitches!!
    how much fun was that seeing DP and the gang relaxed and being real..Love the way DP has his leg up on the table, so real
    Cant wait to hear the finished thing..
    Mark made me laugh with his ‘gently’ and DP and his gentle patience

    Loved this!!!!!!
    just want DP to do more vlogin on his own youtube channel and I will be happy!

    • If you can’t wait, then don’t! This project has been out for about two years now…

  21. My page won’t load the video. Does anyone still have a working link to this video?

    • The video still plays for me. I’m not exactly in a technical support role here, knowing what would need to be known to know why it is not playing, but you might want to check to make sure you have no Internet filters blocking that video provider, and that you are on the latest versions of Adobe Flash and of your browser.

      • See, that’s just it. It loads all the other videos, but this one doesn’t even appear.

      • But that doesn’t necessarily prove as much as one would think, because YouTube and Vimeo have both been going in the direction of HTML5 players, while I suspect this one is still flash.