Mergers in Southern Gospel

Two members each from two different trios, First Love and the McRaes, are joining together to form a new mixed quartet, TK & the McRaes.

“TK” is short for Troy and Katy Peach, two-thirds of the First Love trio. The other third, J.P. Miller, has decided to come off the road. Annie McRae and Amanda Till of the McRaes are also joining the group, while Morgann McClanahan is “leaving her full time position with the McRaes.” The wording almost makes one wonder if, in the game of Southern Gospel musical chairs, Morgann just so happened to be the one without a chair. But nonetheless, fans of both groups are already expecting great things from this group.

This unusual move has, of course, promoted discussion on message boards and blogs. Most of this has, so far, centered around merging Southern Gospel group names, thanks in large part to David Bruce Murray kicking off the discussion with this creative post. [EDIT, 6/7/12: Broken link removed.]

But while that is interesting, and I even took part in one message board discussion to that effect, I personally find it even more interesting to discuss the hypothetical merger of actual groups.

For example, I may have mentioned more an interesting possibility I’ve considered, that of a Dixie Echoes / Florida Boys merger when the senior Florida Boys (Les Beasley, Glen Allred, and Darrell Stewart) come off the road. Randy Shelnut could replace Beasley at emcee work and on the bass guitar, Scoot Shelnut could slip into the baritone position, Stewart Varnado could play the piano, and Tracy Crouch bass. (Dallas Rogers would go to the Inspirations, or whatever group Matt, Melton, and Mike are singing in, even if by that point they aren’t carrying on the Inspirations name.)

Any other ideas?

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  1. You sure want to put Dallas Rogers in the Inspirations, don’t you?:-)

  2. I know it was hypothetical, but I’m sure the Dixie Echoes appreciate you constantly wanting to give their tenor to the Inspirations. What gives?