Somewhat off-topic: The Demographic Future of Christendom

This is only tangentially related to Southern Gospel, but it was too thought-provoking not to share:

Every now and then, the question of the future of the Southern Gospel demographic is raised. This sheds a unique perspective on the subject.

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  1. There are some very sobering thoughts on there, Daniel. We must get busier sharing the gospel as well as working to strengthen our own faith.

  2. Yes.

  3. wow…great video find…if that don’t send chill bumps down your back I don’t know what will

  4. Daniel, thank you for sharing this, I am going to show it to everyone I know. Very sobering… .

  5. I’ve done a little bit of research on this because my pastor was planning on using it (this video) in a sermon. We wanted to make sure the “facts” given are accurate. So far, what I have found indicates that the numbers are a bit distorted. In fact, it is my opinion that the author was either making a lot of numbers up, or possibly getting his information from an inaccurate source.

    While I totally believe that Islam is growing rapidly, and agree that believers need a personal revival that will spark a return to personal evangelism, I’m not convinced that this video can be trusted as fact.

  6. If the video is true, Europe should stop the “hostile takeover” by simply shutting down Muslim immigration. Unless the Muslims already citizens of Europe are truly having way more children than the Europeans or any other minority group in Europe (that is possible), the problem will either self-correct or become less potent.

    I think the larger point of the video is very accurate, though. Islam is gaining real ground on Christianity, and very likely will become the largest world religion in just a few years if we as Christians don’t stand up and do something.

    I guess this is your cue Daniel: hurry up and get married so you can help change some statistics. 😛

  7. Roger. 🙂


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