Lewis Family to Retire

After 60 years on the road, the Lewis Family has announced that they will be singing their last concert on September 5. This was necessitated by health issues, one of which was that Polly Copsey’s Parkinson’s and dementia has moved to such an advanced stage that she has recently had to get off the road. Copsey is one of the three Lewis sisters who provided the backbone of the group’s sound for years (and, incidentally, is also the mother of Sheri Easter).

The Augusta Chronicle reports:

A card mailed last week announced that family comedian and all-around musician Little Roy Lewis and former Lincolnton resident and banjo/fiddle player Lizzy Long would be available for bookings in 2010. The two have been appearing in concerts and festivals many times in recent years separate from The Lewis Family, often with banjo playing legend Earl Scruggs.

This family has made a long-term impact on the Southern Gospel and Bluegrass genres with their unique blend of Bluegrass Gospel, and they will be missed.

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  1. Some of my fondest memories growing up are of the Lewis Family. Although southern gospel music was our family’s favorite style, my dad and brothers were also great fans of bluegrass, and we had a well-rounded gospel record collection in our home. We were always fans of family harmony and talented musicianship, so Lewis Family music was always welcome at our house.

    I wish all the Lewis Family the best, and will be keeping them all in my prayers, especially Polly. I know this has to be hard on Sheri Easter, too, to see her mother going through such a tough time and to not be with her as much as she would like due to her own music commitments.

    Daniel, I can’t remember if you have posted or not on those major full-time groups we’ve lost in, say, the last 30 years, either through retirement, death, or disbanding–Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters, Cathedrals, Florida Boys, Speers, Rambos, Hemphills, Hinsons, LeFevres, Singing Americans, HeavenBound, TrailBlazers, Cedar Ridge, Wilburns, Spencers, Goodmans, and Downings, for starters.

    I know I’ve probably not even skimmed the surface, and I’m sure I’ve missed some major names. But it sure makes one stop and think about who currently sings and who may be the next to retire, and it makes me want to pay even closer attention to who is out there and supoprt this music all I can, because we never know when our favorite may, for whatever reason, decide to leave the road.

  2. The Lewis Family will be missed. They have always been one of the few constants in gospel music through the years. The last time or two I saw the group, I was worried that the end was coming soon. Poor Polly has been in rough condition lately, bless her heart. And the group has scrambled to find a bass player for the last year or so. I hate to see them go, but I’m glad that Little Roy continue to perform.

  3. I am looking for a CD of the Lewis Family Crowd Pleaser and the Cd of The Lewis Family – Beautiful. I would like to have the song of Children talk to Angels Too. If anyone knows where I could buy these please e-mail me. Shirley

  4. how is polly doing parkins n altz

  5. plesase let me no how sheris doing and he faimly and how is pollly doing wit parkins and altz


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