Pick the songs for Greater Vision 20th Anniversary project

Greater Vision is coming up on their 20th anniversary. Their first concert was on December 30, 1990; they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary year from this December 30 to December 30, 2010.

On August 6 and 7, they will record a live CD, to be released on December 30. It will be recorded at Temple, Texas at their Cultural Activities Center, and will be promoted by Tony Watson and James Rhodes, the first people to schedule Greater Vision for a concert. (They have hosted a Greater Vision concert every year since.)

There will be several brand-new songs on the CD, and a number of their classics songs. They are enlisting their fans’ help in selecting the songs and have posted a poll of their twenty most popular songs. Fans can vote for their five favorites, and there is a write-in slot. In case anyone is curious, I voted for “A Pile of Crowns,” “It Means Just what it Says,” “My Name is Lazarus,” “Soon We Will See,” and a write-in, “Till the Storm Passes By.” I was slightly surprised that my write-in didn’t make the short list, since Gerald Wolfe points to it as his signature song. (Other songs not original to the group, such as “It is Well,” were on the list, so that wasn’t the issue.)

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  1. Funny thing is I was just on GloryBound’s (Heartland Baptist Bible College) website, and I happened to notice that they recorded “It Means Just What It Says” on their new CD.

  2. Love this. Greater Vision is one of my personal favorites. My picks were:

    A Pile of Crowns
    Soon We Will See
    God Wants to Hear You Sing (Wouldn’t it be great if they had Jason Waldroup come back and sing this as a guest? It’s not the same without him.)
    It Means Just What it Says
    There is a River (write-in)

  3. I picked God Wants to Year You Sing, Just Ask, He’s Still Waiting by the Well, Soon We Will See (my fav. Gerald Wolfe song), and There Is a River as a write in. If I could have another write-in, it would be “He Is to Me.” I’d like to hear that song as a trio unlike the original with a bass.

  4. It surprises me, Daniel, that you put that Gerald claims “Till the Storm Passes By” as his signature song. It’s amazing and I love it as well, but I figured that would be “There is a River” or even “Champion of Love.”

  5. I voted for:

    God Wants to Hear You Sing

    It Means Just What It Says

    He’s Still Waiting by the Well

    He’ll Carry Me

    Paid in Full Through Jesus, Amen

  6. Meagan – I don’t recall where all I’ve heard it, but one was here: https://www.southerngospeljournal.com/archives/756

  7. Meagan (#2 this time) – I wouldn’t write off them having Jason back for that one song. After all, didn’t he take a music pastorate in Texas?

  8. I would be way too excited if they did that. I love Jacob, but I definitely still miss Jason.

  9. Maybe they will bring Mark Trammell and Chris Allman back for a couple songs as well. I know I voted for “He Is Mine” as one of the songs, so wouldn’t it be cool to hear the original group do it? 🙂

  10. How about anniversary now and reunion down the line?
    That way, we can enjoy both.

  11. That’d be fine, too. I’m excited either way!


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