Appearances in Southern Gospel

Sometimes my mind wanders to distant lands where Southern Gospel bloggers fear to tread. Once in a while, these musings are coherent enough that I can shape them into a blog post, and I think today’s thought is such an instance.

I’ve been wondering how closely appearance is tied to popularity. Just suppose Peg McKamey and Lauren Talley were to trade their voices. I wonder how many of McKamey’s fans would become Talley fans, and how many Talley fans would become McKamey fans.

Suppose Scott Fowler and Frank Seamans were to trade appearances. Seamans would be the short, wiry tenor, and Fowler the aging statesman of song. I wonder how many people who call Fowler their favorite Legacy Five member would still do so if he looked like Frank Seamans.

Can you imagine what it would have been like to listen to a Gold City concert with a bass who sounded like Tim Riley but looked like Brian Free, and a tenor who sounded like Brian Free but looked like Tim Riley?

But even with all the names I’ve named thus far, one question weighs more on my mind than any other.

I can’t help but wonder how much farther J.D. Sumner would have gone if he’d looked like Eric Phillips.

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  1. Yeah, JD might have had groups traveling in tractor trailers instead of buses, he would have sang backup for the Beatles when they weren’t overloaded on weed, and the National Quartet Convention would have been twice as big.

  2. Good point Fred. How much “farther” could JD have possibly gone? He pretty much did it all and was always on top.

  3. When I label a post “Parody” (as this one is), you can depend upon it being somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

  4. That was….different. 🙂 Thoughts of some of those swaps made me laugh outloud! Thanks. 🙂