Somewhat Off-topic: Bible Study ordered to close

This is my second off-topic post in as many weeks, but like the previous one, it’s also tangentially related to Southern Gospel.

According to a Fox News report (hat tip, Matt Paasch), San Diego county is attempting to shut down home Bible studies. Apparently, they only want licensed religious gatherings. They want the couple they are targeting to pay thousands of dollars for a license to hold services on their property.

If a move like this holds up under judicial and legislative scrutiny, it would be the beginning of the end of the right to peacefully assemble for church services or Christian concerts—because a system where you must get government approval to meet is only one small step away from a system where the government denies certain applications.

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  1. That’s sick. They can’t get that done legally. The Constitution allows FREEDOM OF WORSHIP. What kind of sorry pukes are those San Diego government officials anyway?

  2. I heard a tidbit about this last night on Fox but missed the details. Thanks for passing it along. All Christians need to pray.

  3. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are baby steps away from government having control over most areas of or lives. We as Christians need to stand up and defend not only the Bible but our right to meet to study it.

  4. wow! I didn’t see that coming… not this soon anyway.

  5. for a country that was founded on Christian principles, the US sure has degraded

  6. I almost said “this is astounding” or something to that effect, but it’s not, really. We as Christians can know that the world will continue to crumble until Christ’s return, as predicted in the Bible. I guess it is kind of scary in some areas, though, to think that in a free country we may not be allowed to gather for worship, or soon not be allowed to teach our kids certain worldviews, etc. It’s pretty intimidating where this country is headed, and it gives us all the more reason to reach out to others for Christ. A Gideon came to speak at our church last Sunday, and he mentioned that in communist Russia, they are allowed to go into public schools and hand out Bibles to kids and witness to them, but in our “free” country of America, they can only place them on tables and leave. It was a really eye-opening example of how our country is leaving the Godly roots our founding fathers built it on. It just gives us all the more reason to pray for our leaders, our President, our government, our neighbors, our families, our churches, and the lost.

  7. Just heard today that this attempt has been reversed, praise God. We’ve definatley got to be on “our toes”, so to speak. Someone will try this again sometime, if the Lord tarries.