An Interview with Keith Plott

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As most Southern Gospel fans know, Keith Plott just left Brian Free & Assurance after singing with them for several years. I recently caught up with him and did a mini-interview. He’s busy putting a solo career together, and I didn’t want to trouble him with in-depth questions. That said, he knows how to communicate what he wants to communicate with fewer words than anyone else I have interviewed yet!

DJM: As many Southern Gospel fans know, you recently decided to leave Brian Free & Assurance to start a solo career. Why?
KP: Due to my wife’s health and to spend more time with her and my family.
DJM: How soon should fans be looking for a solo album, and how will we be able to obtain copies?

KP: My solo project should be finished within one month and I should be getting a web site up very soon. Until then my e-mail is
DJM: What can fans expect from a Keith Plott solo album? Will it sound similar to some of Brian Free & Assurance’s recent semi-progressive music, or will it be more traditional or more contemporary than that?
KP: My project will sound traditional.

DJM: What can fans expect when they come to see you in a live concert? Do you expect to be rattling the subwoofers as often as you do in a quartet position, or do you plan on singing your melodies in a somewhat higher key than you did in an ensemble setting?

KP: I’ll be singing a little bit of both, high melodies and some low end rattling (I hope).

DJM: Not too many bass singers attempt a solo career. As you start into this new venture, what do you view as your biggest opportunities and challenges?

KP: A solo career will give me more opportunities to interact with the fans since my schedule will be more flexible. As far as challenges, I’ll have to do all the singing, talking, setting up, tearing down, scheduling and driving—but I love challenges.

DJM: Thanks, Keith! I wish you the best of success.

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  1. Thanks, Daniel. I could just hear Keith speaking those words and it was so good to hear from him.

  2. This comment is not directed solely to Keith Plott, but, I just can’t figure out why a bass singer would want to go solo….Personally, I am not a solo person. I enjoy some, but, not for a whole concert. I understand the wife and family issues. I guess you hear more of lead and baritones going solo, but, not as much about bass singers. I truly enjoyed him with BFA. Will miss him, but, just as we all know, life will go on and someone else will sing the part.

  3. I find it funny to see that it says Keith ‘left” BFA, when I hear that things happened another way…..

  4. comment #2 & #3 sounds a little personal to me —- let’s remember that as fellow “Christians” our responsibility is to pray for and encourage others as they follow their calling in the service of the Kingdom of God. and by the way our love for each other is a sign of our love for God. and one more note — all i know of kieth is that he is a wonderful person with a warm personality — may God bless you kieth!!!!!!!!!!!