Classic CD Review: One Nation Over God (Dave, Duane and Neil)

onenationMembers: Duane Nicholson (tenor), Neil Enloe (lead), Dave Kyllonen (baritone/bass).

Song List: One Nation Over God; From a Star to Stripes; Statue of Liberty; Statue on the Rock, Joshua; Whose God is Alive?; The Place of Prayer; Loaves and Fishes; Country Church; I Just Don’t Get It; Father’s House; Immortal, Invincible, Almighty God; He Has Forgiven Me.

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For nearly 50 years, Dave Kyllonen, Duane Nicholson, and Neil Enloe toured as the Couriers. Several years ago, they retired and passed the name along to a new generation of Couriers (now performing as a duo). But several years after their retirement, they felt led to start performing together again, so adopted the group name “Dave, Duane and Neil.”

Several years ago, they released their only CD since their reuniting, One Nation Over God.

The project starts with the “God & Country Trilogy.” The first song is a new composition from Neil Enloe, “One Nation Over God,” discussing how a “small, yet very vocal sector of Americans” seek to remove God from our culture and place our country over Him. The second and third songs on the trilogy, also penned by Enloe, are the familiar classics “From a Star to Stripes” and “Statue of Liberty.” Though the project was produced by Phil Armenia, master producer Lari Goss was brought in to do the orchestral arrangements for the God & Country Trilogy, and the trilogy bears his signature touch.

Other than the title track, the project has two other recent compositions from the pen of Neil Enloe, “Loaves and Fishes” and “I Just Don’t Get It.” Producer Phil Armenia, Marie Armenia, Mike Hammer, Daryl K. Williams and John Darin Rowsey, Tim Enloe, and Toni Jolene Clay also contributed songs.

This project will primarily be of interest to Couriers fans, but it will also serve as a good introduction to their music for anyone unfamiliar with their classic recordings.

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  1. Thanks for providing this CD preview and the interview with Neil. The Couriers are my all-time favorite ministers of the gospel because they are genuine. They sing the gospel in song the way it is supposed to be sung. Thanks again for your sharing this time with the Couriers. God Bless!