Rethinking this Blog

I was incredibly honored to be mentioned in the March 2007 Singing News. Doug Harrison, who wrote the article, said that this blog hadn’t found its niche yet.

As I thought about it, I realized that he is completely right. I’ve tried to do a little bit of reporting: In-depth commentary, News reporting, Links to Southern Gospel articles, Historical perspectives on current issues, Album Reviews, Video Reviews, Humor/Parody pieces, Concert Reports…you name it, I’ve probably tried it.

I suppose that adopting a niche approach means that I will do only one of the above and stop doing the rest. (This would almost definitely mean that I would not be able to do something in that niche every day.)
I’d like your feedback. Should I adopt a niche, and if so, what should it be? Or do you like a little bit of everything?

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  1. Daniel,
    You seem to post Southern Gospel news faster than the “nichers.” Just keep doing what you’re doing. If God has a niche in mind for you you’ll probably trip & fall in it.LOL Your mention in the Singing News is what put your blog in my bookmarks. Enjoy the compliment; ignore the nit-picking.

  2. I actually enjoy a little bit of everything.

  3. There is not one thing in the list you gave that I would want you to leave out — so I guess I’m saying that you shouldn’t change! I will say that I would enjoy even more interviews (which you didn’t list) !

  4. I go to your site first. It is refreshing and often uplifting – and full of good and honest news. Don’t change – and don’t allow DH to dictate the type of blog you have.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. I think that these areas should be your focus: In-depth commentary, News reporting, Links to SG Articles, Concert Reviews.

    Let other blogs / sites cover: Historical perspectives on current issues, Album Reviews, Video Reviews, Humor/Parody pieces.

    You asked for feedback.

  6. Well, I think I probably have a certain “tone” that comes through fairly consistently in my writing, regardless of whether I’m doing a concert report, a CD review, or writing about some topic outside of SG like the Oscars.

    Finding your “niche” is not so much about WHAT you address, but HOW.

  7. I agree with DBM: your “niche” is not necessarily what content you cover, but how you do it. For example, AVFL covers everything from concerts to SG “bidness” to news updates/group changes…but, his niche is to tend to (but, not always) do it in a way that stirs up conversation (sometimes controversially). That’s his schtick, which he so eloquently elaborates in his SN article. (By the way, I was very excited to see you listed there–told ya you were up there somewhere).

    Anyway, perhaps your niche to this point is nebulous…I’m not sure. I think you’re commentaries are great and up-to-date, and you always seem to have something generally interesting/usually enlightening to read. It’s my first blogstop per day.

  8. Hey, Daniel! Personally, I like your blog just the way it is. You always find the interesting things to talk about, and I like the variety! Keep up the good work!

  9. In time, I think you will find your “tone” – after all, your blog isn’t that old. Personally, I like not knowing what type of entry I’ll be reading. My suggestion would be to not change a thing about how you are writing your blog.

  10. Daniel, just keep on being southerngospelblog. God will let you know if He wants something else.

  11. Hi Daniel! Don’t change a thing! I enjoy your articles, interviews, and CD reviews. I also enjoy the news that you report. I also appreciate that you don’t try to stir up “controversy,” as some others do–and I don’t need to mention names, do I? May God bless you as you keep the public informed and tuned to this music that we love SO MUCH!

  12. Just keep on doing what you are doing. I believe a little bit of everything truly reflects what you do daily in your life.
    Sounds like you have well balanced diet of interests.
    I have you in my favorites along with a very few other listed favorites on my computer screen.

  13. Keep it up my friend. I hope you get a chance to come out and see us sometime. Maybe we can get together and talk about Quartet singing!

  14. Daniel – you do what you want to do. It’s your stinkin’ blog. Don’t let anyone else tell you how to write it. Keep up the good work!

  15. Why do you care that another blogger thinks you have not found your niche? Be yourself, do your own thing and don’t listen to the competition. Perhaps he had an ulterior motive in saying what he did.

  16. Thanks to everyone for the comments!

    Susan, I for whatever it is worth, I place at least as much weight on Dean Adkins’ opinion expressed above. I also care about what the Singing News says, whoever the writer of the article may be.

    But even that was not the main consideration. My main considerations were (1) Is he right? and (2) If he’s right that I have no niche, do I need one?

  17. Daniel, as I’ve told you on many occasions(here and privately)that you do a fine job in all you do here…just continue doing the very best you can, and don’t worry about any perceived “niche” you may or may not have.

    Just keep making your own!