2007 Singing News Fan Award Nominees: Round 1, My Picks

Here are my nominations in the first round of the Singing News Fan Awards:

Group – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Male Singer – Mark Trammell
Female Singer – Libbi Perry Stuffle
Horizon Group – Ball Brothers
Horizon Individual – Randy Byrd (Blackwood Brothers)
Musician – Stewart Varnado
Young Artist – Joseph Habedank
Songwriter – Dianne Wilkinson
Song of the Year – “Once Upon a Cross” (Mark Trammell Trio)
Album of the Year – “Come Thirsty” (Perrys)

Who are your picks?

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  1. Good pick on Habenank. With Waldroup no longer eligible, and Joe being moved to the lead spot with The Perry’s I’d say he has a good chance to win it. I don’t see Randy Byrd getting a lot of votes though in my opinion.

  2. Oops, that was supposed to be Habedank.

  3. I do think Joe Habedank is a serious choice for winning that position. Concerning Randy Byrd, I would like to see him get a top-ten or top-five nomination. He might not win it…this year. But it’s worth a try. 🙂

  4. Habedank’s main competition will be Lauren Talley and Scott Inman, IMHO.

  5. With the outstanding job the Kingdom Heirs did on their latest recording, Off The Record, I would have to give the group award to them.

  6. Here are my picks:
    1. Group – Dove Brothers Quartet
    2. Male Singer – Arthur Rice
    3. Female Singer – Lauren Talley
    4. Horizon Group – Skyline Boys
    5. Horizon Individual – Bryan Elliott
    6. Musician – Jeff Stice
    7. Young Artist – Scott Inman
    8. Songwriter – Kyla Rowland
    9. Song – “Sky Full Of Angels”
    10. Album – Everyday by Mark Bishop

  7. Group – Legacy Five
    Male Singer – Arthur Rice
    Female Singer – Lauren Talley
    Horizon Group – Browns
    Horizon Individual – Nick Trammell
    Musician – Stewart Varnado
    Young Artist – Scott Inman
    Songwriter – Diane Wilkinson
    Song – Strike Up The Band
    Album – Live in Music City (legacy five)

  8. Group- tie between L5 and EHSSQ
    Male Singer- Glenn Dustin
    Female Singer- Lauren Talley
    Horizon Group- Crystal River
    Horizon Individual- i dont know…
    Musician- Ricky Free
    Young Artist- Scott Inman
    Songwriter- Dianne Wilkinson
    Song- Strike Up The Band
    Album- Live In Music City (L5) or Get Away Jordan (EHSSQ)

  9. Aaron–Out of curiosity, how do you go about getting away with the Group and Album votes? 😀