“I Have Not Forgotten” moves to #1 on SN Charts

The headline tells the story. Singing News just posted the April 2007 chart on their website, and the Inspirations claim the #1 spot with their song “I Have Not Forgotten.” Many Inspirations and non-Inspirations fans alike agreed that the song ought to go to the top of the charts, and I for one am delighted to see that it did.

The Inspirations’ last #1 hit was “I’ll Not Turn My Back on Him Now” (Jan-Feb 2002). Other than that, you have to go back to Feb-May 1976 (“Jesus is Mine”) to see the last time that one of their songs sat atop the charts.

They have now had six #1 hits in their career: Jesus is Coming Soon, Touring the City, When I Wake Up to Sleep No More, Jesus is Mine, I’ll Not Turn My Back on Him Now, and I Have Not Forgotten. Considering all the songs they’ve released in the 43 years they’ve been on the road, that’s a pretty select list. But select list or not, I think “I Have Not Forgotten” has the makings of a future classic, and belongs in that list.

Congratulations, Inspirations!

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  1. You can count on me to be the dissenting opinion here. Good song or not, the performance of the song leaves a lot to be desired.

    For someone who really enjoys the kind of music that you do Daniel, I am very shocked that you are a fan of the Inspirations.

  2. Oh, Chris. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I don’t like every single song they’ve done, including a few that have recently been hits for them. But I like some of their songs, and “I Have Not Forgotten” is one of them. 🙂

  3. Mike Upright’s version is better.

  4. Does Mike do the three-part harmony on the lead-in to the chorus?

  5. Yes, and no. The BGV parts come in with the harmony. He doesn’t layer his own voice or anything like that. I believe it’s Holly Blanton of 3 For 1 singing the top part.

    I’ll be reviewing Upright’s CD soon. People who like old Country music by guys like Marty Robbins should get this recording.