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  1. Loved it!!

  2. You took it!! 😛

  3. I love Shanes voice but why does every singer “yell” every song these days. Some of that did not even match the intensity of the track in the last verse. He broke a little at the end and could not sing every line with the group.

    Sometimes a little of that goes a long way. Great group though and nice look as well. Hope they do well.

    Also glad to see Millie Overholt will continue to get a few royalties for her late husband’s song. she is a wonderful person who needs the help!

  4. Really great sound…one a great old tune!

    I didn’t hear the cracking but only Shane taking a breath for what was coming up. Thought it was very musical.

  5. This arrangement actually came from Shane’s solo CD, “Paradise.” I hope they start utilizing “Light Of That City” as a quartet song….THAT would be awesome!!!

  6. I’m not saying it was bad….they are a great group. It just seemed to be a little bit over sung. Maybe I’m just jelous of his range hahaha.

    I have noticed that many of today’s lead solos tend to want to overdo it a little……guy penrod syndrome.

  7. There was some slight yelling on the second verse and a little rasp came through (which isn’t Shane’s style). The ending did have Shane cracking, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard him do some higher notes in his Signature Sound days. Maybe it was just a rough night or maybe some more time on the road will bring his voice back where it was.

    All in all, I also think Shane’s a very good vocalist and was glad to hear he was bringing N’Harmony back. They’re a new group and they’ll have their sound perfected in no time I’m sure.

  8. Yeah guys you heard right…. I did have a little bit of a rough night that night. I will be the first one to tell you that I am still working on my “quartet voice”. I am still working out the bugs so to speak. I do all of the talking on stage, so I am still trying pace myself. It is hard to believe, but I really haven’t sung much over the last two years. I have really enjoyed being back on the road with these guys though. They are all much better singers than I am, and i am honored that they have chosen to share the stage with me. Hope to see everyone real soon!!!

  9. Shane, you’re being way too modest. There isn’t anything that resembles a weak link in this group. I wouldn’t worry about the critiques. Joe Cocker has been blowing the last note of “You Are So Beautiful” for years and everybody thinks he’s a star.

  10. First-Shane is an incredible singer and there is no disputing that fact. I only wish I was that cool! All I was saying is that it seems like it has become popular to oversing a little these days. I sometimes forget on these forums that if you make a comment about someone……well, minor critiques are acceptable everywhere else.

    This song/video/grooup aside, (wasn’t trying to make a big dieal!) I still think that it has become an overused tool (shouting out of range) in SG music.

    I would rather hear the smooth in range singing of say, the Booth Brothers than someone popping the neck! Imagine if Ronnie Booth tried to sing in that style! A singer has to know his range. Shane Dunlap can handle power singing and do it well most nights. My comments were more about the track arrangement vs. the choice of vocals.

    Watch youtube for a while. From Local groups on up it is overdone!

    Having said that- I think Shane is awesome and loved him with SSQ and think N’Harmony has a huge future. Hopefully the PTB allow their foot in the door and they can get some funding that they will need to record and promote themselve. We need classy groups.

  11. oh and Joe Cocker on his best day can’t carry Shane’s mic chords! lol

  12. Was just being real. Anyone who sings knows that your voice will get out of shape when you’re off the road like Shane has been. Like I said before, there were some cracks, but anyone who’s listened to Shane sing knows that is not normal for him.

    All of us have a night here and there. Besides, I’m sure the rest of the night was a GREAT concert. They’ll do well.

  13. I’m really excited about this group. I was a big fan of Mercy’s Mark, so I’m real happy to see Brent and Josh back on the road. Thank you, Shane, for bringing N’Harmony back and for assembing such a quality lineup. I can’t wait to see you guys in concert.

  14. Mark, I have no problems with critiques, but if you post something on the internet, you have to be prepared for a response, be it positive or negative. I actually see your point about oversinging, but I don’t think that Shane is really all that guilty when compared to a lot of other vocalists. Please know that was my post was more of an endorsement of Shane and his group than anything else.

    You’ll notice that I made no response to your assessment of Mr. Cocker’s abilities.

  15. Mark, there is really a lot less jumping on critiquers here than in some other places around the SG web. It’s pretty tame here… 🙂

  16. True Daniel. Grigs…..Cocker sounds like he has a electric “no bark” dog collar on his neck and it is going off and strangling him. Fire away!