Sony’s Thoughts: Surviving the Darkness

In the dark of the midnight have I oft hid my face
While the storm howls around me and there’s no hiding place
‘Mid the crash of the thunder, precious Lord, hear my cry
Keep me safe ’til the storm passes by

The dark of midnight. We’ve all been there. Those days where we see no light and feel no hope. Yet we know there must be light somewhere. There has got to be a way out of this tunnel. That’s when we cry out, “Almighty God, You know the way. Please show me. I can’t find my way without You!” And just as He promised, He comes through every time.

We hear His voice saying, “My child, fear not. I am here. Didn’t I calm the sea when it felt like your life was out of control? Didn’t I shut the mouths of lions when they threatened to tear you apart? Just as I was with you through every struggle you’ve gone through, even now I am here. Take My hand, and I will lead you to safety. There may be places of danger so stay close to me. You may not be able to see what’s right ahead of you but I can.” Somehow, holding His hand and feeling Him, our fear begins to subside and we relax, knowing that everything He said is true. He has never left us, and He won’t forsake us now.

I wonder why we often wait until the darkness becomes unbearable before we cry out to the One who can remove the clouds and reveal the light. As soon as we begin to see things spiraling downward, He should be the first place we go. We may still enter that dark tunnel but we will be more aware of His presence and His peace. Father, forgive us for taking our eyes off of You. Your face is all we seek.

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  1. Glad to hear from you again, Sony!

    This site is actually the only place I’m keeping up with these four weeks besides my two emails and my own blog. 🙂

  2. When I see my shadow and I am making shade
    As it grows, the more I know I’m facing the wrong way
    Lord, help me to remember to take comfort in the fact
    That I only see my shadow when I am looking back

    When I get distracted and danger gets me down
    Anxiety calls out to me and turns my head around
    Remind me Lord, that gloom and doom are under your control
    And that Holy light can brighten every corner of my soul

    Help me to follow the brightness that You are
    And reflect Your love to someone who is stumbling in the dark

    The sun at high noon, a midnight full moon
    And all of the stars on a clear night in June
    Can never outshine the light that I find
    When I turn from the darkness and look to You

    (from Turn From The Darkness – Woody Wright – Would He Write Songs- SESAC)

  3. Thank you for posting those lyrics. What a message and so true. My prayer is that I can keep my eyes on Jesus because, if I do, I won’t see the darkness.