Video of the Day: “Did I Mention” (Perrys)

This video of the Perrys singing and encoring “Did I Mention,” a song from their new Almost Morning project, has been making the rounds since Adam Edwards posted it. It’s one that’s too good not to pass along.

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  1. What a powerful song. It’s beautiful.

  2. Wow.

  3. where was this concert? I love the Perrys, but if they came up north and worked the song like that, they would lose half the audience.

  4. Blackstone – It was in NC, I believe.

    I live in OH and granted, we have a few dead-as-a-doornail audiences that would just politely clap for each song. But I’ve also seen audiences here in northern OH that would just eat that up and get just as excited as that audience.

  5. The clip is from the Pigeon River Revival (, held in Sevierville, TN. Kyla Rowland is the organizer of the annual event.

  6. I live up north and I know what you are talking about… I on the other hand LOVE IT!!!! I can’t wait to see the Perry’s again!!!!

  7. Blackstone, interesting comment. I used to live in MD and would attend concerts in PA. I understand what you’re saying. That is one reason I moved south.

  8. I want to attend church in Pigeon Forge! Can’t stop watching this clip. Wow!

  9. I saw the perrys at paris, tn. They sang Did I Mention at the end of the concert and I just could not get this song out of my mind, it is so powerful and I just wish the response had been like the church in this video. I wish I could have been there!

    • I was in attendance at this concert. It was awesome. I like others felt the spirit of the Lord so powerful in that service…I thought I was going to explode. Can’t say enough about it…it was wonderful. It is held every year at the end of May. There are a total of four services. There is normally a 7:00 pm service on Thursday evening and then on Friday there is a men’s meeting at 9:00 am and then a ladies meeting at 1:00 pm. Then everyone comes back together on Friday evening for another 7:00 pm church service. Wonderful evangelist and normally it is either The Perrys or The Whisnants singing on Thursday or Friday. I would highly recommend it. A church in North Carolina Caanan Baptist and Kyla Rowland are the coordinators. The song Did I Mention was written by Kyla Rowland…a very dear friend of mine. Love her. She has so many great songs.

  10. I truly love the song “did I mention.” It fits me and In my mind I believe it fits all people who claim the blood of Jesus Christ. I claim this song as my testimony Song. God has truly blessed this song and will continue to bless it in the future