Derrick Selph leaves Brian Free & Assurance

The rumor has been circulating for about a week that baritone Derrick Selph is leaving Brian Free and Assurance. Now, apparently, it’s official. His plans involve studying to become an electrician.

It seems the NQC turnover season started early this year. Gold City and Mark Trammell Trio have lost their tenors within the last couple of weeks, Brian Free and Assurance lost their baritone, and it sounds as though one other major group’s tenor who has a family member facing serious health issues may soon be moving on.

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  1. Brad, I’d rather not be specific at this juncture, but there was a big hint there in the post for anyone following the story closely.

    Wes Burke has a great blog, definitely on my daily must reads. In fact, I think his blog might just be the best out there (and I’m not including mine in that comparison since doubt I could compare mine to the others objectively!) David Bruce Murray’s Musicscribe is one other one that you might look into.

    There are others that would be really good if their owners would post more often, too!

  2. Daniel, I think you meant that Gold City and MTT have lost their tenors…it made me laugh when I read that Mark Trammell lost his baritone…isn’t that him?

  3. Oops! I’ll go and fix that right now. 🙂

  4. So who’s the other major group that’s going to be losing someone? BTW, you do a good job with the blog. I only look at this one, averyfineline and burke’s. I don’t know how many more are out there, but these seem to do a good job. Thanks for keeping us ‘in the loop’!

  5. What is Wes Burkes blog site?

  6. RE: #4 – Hey Daniel! Watch that…. I resemble that remark.

  7. Wes’s is

    And Brandon Coomer’s is

    Brandon, there’s no question you have what it takes to be one of the best SG bloggers out there. Go for it and blow us all away! 🙂

  8. Wow, this is truly the season of walking tenors. Absolutely stunning!

    3 of the top tenors in about as many months…

    On another note: I think I’m in denial about Derrick leaving. He was truly one of the foundational elements of BF&A. Wow, I’m still in shock.

  9. Alright, alright, enough of the love fest…I’m blushing over here! LOL

  10. #3-From what Daniel said, it sounds like Frank Seamans of L5 because of his son’s cancer. If so, L5 would be on their fourth tenor.

  11. Oh man, I hope that it is not Frankie Seamans! Legacy Five sounds great with Frankie. He has a very unique tenor voice that fits the blend well. We need to pray for the groups that are with vacant and vacating positions. Thanks Daniel for the update (Thanks everyone)!

  12. #10: Daniel got that from Averyfineline’s latest open thread. Apparently, a lot more personnel changes are on the way.

  13. I too hope it isn’t Frank Seamans.

  14. Frank is the one rumored to be leaving, for whatever it’s worth.

  15. I hope not as well, as I really like Frank Seamans. However, if that is best for he and his family, than I completely support his decision if that is what he chooses to do. I’ve been through a situation where a very close family member was very ill with cancer, so I know well how much it takes its toll on everyone involved.

  16. I am hearing Frank may come off the road in a temporary status… I hope this is true as others have said Frank fits this group unbelievably well. His chemistry on stage with the other guys is refreshing to see. I am praying that the right decision is made all around…

  17. 16) I hope it’s only temporary too.

  18. Whoa, that hits hard. I don’t want to see them permanently lose Frank. And I really feel for the situation with his son (as much as I can, not having gone through it). That has to be so hard. I wish them all the very best.

  19. Thanks Andrew – and everyone else. I just didn’t make that connection. I hate that, too.

  20. I hope this is just a rumor about Frank!!! He fits L5 to well and I was/am hoping to see him stick around as long as his great voice holds up!!! Hard to believe he is almost 50 and is still nailing High C’s and higher!!!

  21. And on the Original Post about Derrick I am going to miss him he is a great singer… For replacements I am making a case for Marshall Hall!!! He would be a perfect fit for BFA’s new direction!!!!

  22. #21, I think Marshall Hall would be an incredible choice for the BFA baritone position. I agree wholeheartedly!

  23. Yea, Marsh would be a great choice, although I’m not sure a former GVB member would hit the road full-time again…kinda like Wes Hampton going to GC (just not happening).

    Frank Seamans is “almost 50??!” I thought he was maybe 40 at the most!

  24. Frank turns 50 sometime this year…

  25. Big changes happen at the end of the decade-especially for the Cathedrals: ’79-almost everone left, and Kirk Talley and Roger Bennett joined; ’89-Danny Funderburk leaves; ’99-They retire.
    Imagine what it will be in ’19! “Ernie Haase abandons EHSS and restarts the Cathedrals”. Oy.