GVB Ballads CD: Coming Sept. 8

The Gaither Vocal Band is currently working on two CDs. The second, a CD of new songs, will be coming out early next year. The release date for the first one, Ballads [UPDATE: ultimately released as Reunited], a collection of GVB classics, has been posted: According to New Release Tuesday, it will be coming out September 8. [EDIT, 11/6/10: Regrettably, the link seems to be broken, so it has been removed.]

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  1. Great!! I’ll get it at NQC.

  2. Same here!
    I wonder if they’ll be taking pre-orders for the second one as well..

  3. An entire CD of ballads. I need a few upbeat songs in the mix to break it up a bit. 🙂

  4. According to the list it looks like Signature Sound is doing a Christmas album, can’t wait for the GVB album.

  5. This was posted on David Phelps’ message board: [EDIT, 11/6/10: Regrettably, the link seems to be broken, so it has been removed.]

  6. I am also looking forward to them releasing Nashville Homecoming in August…

  7. Katie, how did you get the 9/8 product? I have been watching Chordant’s new releases for awhile now, hoping Guy’s would show up. I am getting only through August 11th! Would like to know how you got September’s. Thanks!

  8. sweet, thanks Katie

  9. Gaithergirl, I didn’t find it myself, someone else on Phelps’ board found it and posted the link. I just copied it from there. If you go to David’s site I’m sure you can message the poster and they can help you out.

  10. Thanks, Katie

  11. Can’t wait to hear them sing my personal GVB favorite, “I Believe in a Hill Called Mt. Calvary.” It surprises me to see Worthy the Lamb on the list. It will not be the same without Guy and Marsh. Their delivery on that song was unparalleled.

  12. You’re welcome. I hope that helps! Cause I don’t know what else to suggest.

  13. Ok Gaithergirl, I think I found out how they did it. I went to the normal page and just typed in “Gaither Vocal Band” in artists and that CD comes up for September. I’m assuming that’s what the person did. I searched for “Guy Penrod” and there’s nothing about the new album yet. Hope that answers your question! 🙂

  14. Thanks again Katie, I did the same for Guy Penrod, but no new C.D.’s there. I guess he is not using EMI CMG, or his project is coming out later than I thought. Thanks!

  15. I did find the promos for the two Grand Ole Opry projects. They list the titles and artists that sing the songs. Looks pretty good, but I had hoped there would be more Vocal Band since these are some of the last that Marsh and Guy would be featured on. They still look great, and I will buy them!

  16. GaitherGirl – what is the link to the site in which you found track listings for the upcoming Grand Ole Opry DVD releases? Thanks!

  17. Go to http://www.EMICMG.com, or http://www.chordant.com Then do a search for Gaither Homecoming. It should come up for 8/25.
    So far the new releases are posted only through 8/11, but if you do the search it should come up for you!

  18. Nine out of twelve songs on the new GVB C.D. are songs Guy sang for years, including “Worthy the Lamb”. This had his fingerprints all over it. Are they trying to make some statement
    about Guy?

  19. I am sure they are not trying to make a statement about Guy. Come on now…

    I’m sure it seems like they are “Guy” songs only because he was with the GVB for so long. They did a LOT of music during his years with them. They’re not like that, I am certain.

  20. You’re welcome Gaithergirl! Actually Guy might have his CD available at his solo concerts before it’s actually available in stores. I noticed when I was on the front page of that site that Mark Lowry’s CD is coming to stores in July, and he’s been selling it on his website and at concerts since January. Signature Sound also has a CD out that they’re only selling at concerts during the present time. So if you plan on attending a concert he might actually have an album ready to purchase.

    Also in response to your question about the GVB album. I think they’re simply using the Gaither’s best ballads. I don’t think it has anything to do with Guy. Most of the songs on it were sung by the Gaither Trio and the Vocal Band way before Guy came along. Songs like The King is Coming, These are They, and It is Finished were led by Michael English before Penrod. Granted I’ve always thought Guy’s verse on “Worthy the Lamb” was about as powerful as you can get but lest we forget that there are 3 soloists on that song not just one. It may seem like they’re deliberately doing songs that Guy put his fingerprints on but I can assure you someone else had their fingerprints on them before him and they will afterwards. I think it would be different if they were doing a signature song of his like “The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference” or “Through”. I honestly think Gaither’s only intention is to make an album with all of their hits together especially now with 5 members . I’m sure Bill is eager to hear how the songs sound with an extra voice. I’m actually surprised “Let Freedom Ring” isn’t on it. So I wouldn’t worry about any kind of statement about Guy. I don’t think they’re in this business to make any kind of statement about anyone except Christ and our salvation through Him. Hope this resolves your question and puts you a little at ease. 🙂

  21. Megan here ya go I notice that Gaither has some groups on the Nashville Homecoming that he has not had for awhile… Groups like Legacy 5, The Perrys Greenes etc… [EDIT, 11/6/10: Regrettably, the link seems to be broken, so it has been removed.]

  22. Also does anyone know why this video/cd was canceled by Gaither…[EDIT, 11/6/10: Regrettably, the link seems to be broken, so it has been removed.]

    It was supposed to have been released last year…

  23. [EDIT, 11/6/10: Regrettably, the link seems to be broken, so it has been removed. The comment consisted solely of a link.]

  24. I meant “Knowing You’ll be There” not “Through”. Lol. That song was on my mind for some reason.

  25. Thanks Katie, you are right. I guess sometimes I get way to defensive! Guy was there for so long I guess sometimes I forget other people were there first! LOL! I will not be able to attend either concert, but I know someone who might just pick me up a copy! Have a great day!

  26. Leadsinger – thanks so much for the link to the Joy in My Heart/Nashville Homecoming projects. They look like they are going to be wonderful! How touching and bittersweet it will be to see Eva Mae and Mylon LeFevre singing “Without Him.”

    Also, you were inquiring about the discontinuation of the Spring Hill Shout! Hymns CD release. I looked at the website link you gave, and actually, I own this exact CD. I know I purchased it back in 2007, because it was when I was living back in Illinois and I got it at a Family Christian store. I just now pulled it out too look at it, and oddly enough, there is no year listed anywhere here on the CD, CD case, or booklet. It is strictly a compilation project. In the booklet, it lists the artist’s project each track came from.

    Here is a link to the CD on Amazon.com:

    It shows the CD as being discontinued from the manufacturer, but you can purchase it through Amazon via a third-part seller.

    Sorry I couldn’t find any more info! Hope this helps!

  27. You’re Welcome Gaithergirl. It’s all good. I get the same way. A singer might absolutely own a song but I have to remember that someone else wrote it and technically it belongs to them. And in this case Gaither wrote these songs so I guess he can do whatever he wants with them. lol. I’m glad you know someone who is going! I hope Guy has an album out for them to pick up for you!
    I also hope you are warming up to this new GVB. It takes a while I know especially when you are attached to a certain member. I remember my family wasn’t too keen on Mark or David leaving but eventually fell in love with this last group.
    They’re recording tomorrow and according to Lowry’s website he’s going to stream it live for everyone to watch. You might want to check it out. 🙂