Saturday News Roundup #37

In the News:

  • According to a live concert report here, Terah has left Crabb Revival to spend more time with her family. Adam Crabb is carrying on the group. (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed)
  • The Mike LeFevre Quartet / LeFevre Quartet announced that they will be renaming the group Priority. There was another Southern Gospel group in the early ’90s with that name. Insight and discussion can be found in this thread. (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed)
  • Greater Vision has a 20th Anniversary  live recording in the works. They put up a poll of some of their best songs, asking their fans’ help in selecting songs for the recordings. They also had a write-in spot on the ballot and recently announced the top 5 write-ins: 1. Til The Storm Passes By; 2. Champion Of Love; 3. He Is To Me; 4. There Is A River; 5. O Holy Night. I was happy to note that my write-in pick was #1, which means, I suppose, that my personal tastes aren’t that far from those of the average Greater Vision fan.

Worth Reading:

  • John Scheideman reviews a Phil Cross & Crossing concert here. Particularly of note is his mention of their rendition of “Jerusalem.” Has anyone caught that on video yet?

Upcoming Reviews:

  • June 26 – Book Review: Mighty Lot of Singin’ (Gerald Williams)
  • July 3 – A Wonderful Love (Melody Boys Quartet)
  • July 10 – DVD Review: 1951 1958 Live (Blackwood Brothers)

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  1. So sad that Terah is coming off the road. I really like her voice. I cannot wait for GV’s new CD. It’s going to be AMAZING! I’m still praying for a guest vocal from Jason Waldroup on God Wants to Hear You Sing!

  2. #1-I wouldn’t mind hearing the original GV (Allman, Trammell, and Wolfe). That’s my prayer at the moment. 🙂

  3. #2 – I agree. Those guys were incredible together.

  4. Terah has joined the Mike and Kelly Bowling group! We saw them in concert last night and Mike made the announcement! They sound great together… and Terah looked very happy to be singing with them!