Videos of the Day: The (new) Inspirations

I have been checking YouTube periodically to see if anyone has posted clips of the new Inspirations lineup in action. It looks like that day has finally arrived:

I Have Not Forgotten

The Rose

Amazing Grace

My immediate reaction: The new Inspirations lineup is similar enough to the old lineup to have everything I liked about it, while different enough to make me sit up and pay attention.


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  1. The biggest plus is that the new Inspirations lineup sounds a lot better than the old one did.

  2. Well, I do wish they did some more classics like “Touring That City” and “When I Get Home”.

  3. I am sure they will once the new guys learn all the songs.

  4. When I saw them back in February soon after the new group was assembled, they did “Touring That City”, “When I Walk on the Streets of Gold”, “When I Wake Up to Sleep No More”, and a lot of other old ones. I’m sure they sang them, the videos just weren’t posted here. I remember them saying something about the new lead singer, David, already knowing basically their entire catalog before he even got “the call”.