Concert Review: The Perrys (live, online)

For those of you who happen to notice this within the next hour or so, you can catch a Perrys concert being streamed live here.

Tip: Right click, select zoom, and select full screen. At least on my Vista desktop, it works.

Here’s a set list being updated live:

  • I Love to Tell, featuring Tracy Stuffle. The Perrys brought back this classic quartet song on their new CD, Almost Morning. It’s a great concert opener.
  • I Know it Was The Blood. This started off their last album, Look No Further, and they had been using it as a concert opener for a while.
  • He Will Hide Me, featuring new baritone Troy Peach. Peach was solid on this Perrys classic.
  • Did I Mention, featuring Libbi Stuffle. This has been such a showstopper for them that I’m a little surprised they’re pulling it out this early. (Update) I’m still surprised. The Spirit is definitely moving, and the altar is definitely full. Other than encoring this song all evening, how can follow this?
  • If You Knew Him, featuring Joseph Habedank. (Comment 1) Tracy is making the right call transitioning to this song, certainly the only song from their new project that could follow “Did I Mention.” He’s taking his time setting this song up, which is probably the only way to transition. (Comment 2) Joseph is hitting a home run. (Comment 3) Looks like it was a short concert! There’s going to be a sermon and then perhaps another song or two at the invitation. No wonder they sang those two at the end.

After the sermon:

  • I Surrender All. Piano and vocals—simple but powerful.
  • Did I Mention. Again powerful, a power ending.

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  1. The Perrys are doing AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  2. If the preacher can’t preach after those songs, something is wrong!!!

  3. Joe is proved tonight why he is one of the best singers in the business!!!!!! He ROCKS!!!

  4. They have done an amazing job so far tonight. I will definitely be tuning in again after the preaching to hear their last couple of songs. “Did I Mention” is such a powerfully touching song. I have completely fallen in love with it. Seeing them encoring it over and over and seeing more and more people come to the altar has certainly blessed me tonight. Tracy was absolutely correct to follow up with “If You Knew Him.” Those two songs flow perfectly together. The Spirit was definitely moving at that youth conference and in my home tonight.

  5. All I can say is, “I hope the Perrys win every award possible in this year’s SN fan awards.” 🙂

  6. Talk about a powerful song with “If You Knew Him”, something about this one makes you keep listening over and over! My heart jumps every time. What a song.

    • This song is so full of “meat”, if you will. Everytime I hear it I think, “God must have authored this through someone”; and, when Joseph sings it I feel the anointing that is on his life. What a voice! What a song!

  7. That’s awesome to hear. Looks like The Perrys have not only one – but 2 career songs from this record.

  8. I’m definitely jealous of their ability to grab and write some GREAT songs.