Tim Greene selling music catalog

From SGN Scoops e-magazine:


Tim Greene, of the Greenes, owns West Carolina Publishing Company with 170  original songs written by Tim. The entire catalog  of Tim’s music is  for sale. Call 910-616-5610 for this investment opportunity, Tim is selling his entire catalog to purchase medication for his illness.

A little searching reveals that the songs are licensed through BMI, and include songs such as “Glory Mountain” and “I’m So Happy.”

I regret to see that his illness has progressed so far that this move is necessary. Since I’m a songwriter myself, I can’t help but feel that this move would be equivalent to an owner selling his group to pay for medical expenses. I guess my reaction to this is roughly equivalent to how the average Southern Gospel fan would hear if Roger Bennett and Scott Fowler were to sell Legacy Five to pay for Roger’s medical bills.

Hopefully things will work out for Tim.

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  1. This is a real shame. In Roger’s case, a fund was set up and thousands of fans contributed money to help in Roger’s care. I am not personally familiar with Tim Greene’s group, but one would think that some money could be raised by letting fans know of the need. Just a thought.

  2. Maybe the Greenes feel how many times can you go to the well.
    There many acts of love by the artists, free-will offerings and
    fund-raising events for Tim’s situation in past years. Let’s pray that continues into future and be thankful for but by the grace of God it could be me.
    Tim’s medical stiuation has been a reality of the up and downs through the years.
    It is kind of hard to make a judgement when times are really, really tough unles you been through it.
    Friends do anything for old friends and I truly believe the application can be said of Roger and Scott IF it came to that point.
    As for the fans, sometimes I think we invite ourself into the familiy of the artists too many time.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that Brother Tim is still sick. He has been on my personal prayer list for some time now. I only hope and pray that someone will pick up on this chance of a life time due to his sickness and carry on the tradition that he and his family have set for all of us Southern Gospel Music fans. God bless you Brother Tim.

  4. I sent a payment of $18.00 for a sound track, no money or soundtrak,. I was sent a message for the name of sound track which I sent. I now can;t find the site I sent it to……any help with this?

    • Dennis, I’m sorry, but I’m neither God nor a prophet. There are dozens of sites out there from which you might have purchased a Greenes track, and I have no clue which site you made a purchase from.

      • Mr. Mounts, I found your answer very unprofessional, Aman who is working with gospel singers should be a better representive. I was trying to reach Mr. Greene I sent the paypal payment to him personally,. I have now opened a claimthru paypal. I would love the cd, but if Mr. Greene handles his ministry as you do, I wouldn’t need it.I wonder if God likes how you handle his name. Dennis

      • Dennis, I regrettably have to reply that I also find your complaint unprofessional, in an number of ways.

        I will admit that I found your initial request a little funny. You were commenting on a five-year-old news story to ask me what website you ordered a soundtrack from, when you didn’t even provide the soundtrack’s name, or any other clue that could have helped me guess. So I attempted to address the situation with a little humor. But if you want to shift the discussion in the direction of proof-texting, I’m perfectly willing to proof-text with you.

        First, this site clearly labels itself as a news website. It is in no way affiliated with Tim Greene; as a matter of fact, I have never so much as met him in person. You are commenting on a news story that is now five years old. If you have a customer service concern with Tim Greene, it is both unprofessional and a violation of Matthew 18 and of Philippians 2:14 to go around posting public complaints on 5-year-old articles on news websites instead of contacting him directly.

        Second, your original comment did not not provide the necessary information for me to answer your question. As I explained above, there are dozens of websites out there that sell soundtracks. You simply cannot expect me to read your mind. It is both unprofessional and a direct violation of Deuteronomy 18:10-12 to expect me to read your mind.

  5. Well, my goodness! I am reading these posts and thinking maybe everyone should take a collective breath and regroup here. To Mr. Arthur: while I personally felt like your comment was referring to Tim Greene’s website since it was the topic of discussion here, your post was rather vague. Daniel is right–there are dozens, if not hundreds, of websites out there, and a couple of words added to your post would have cleared that up. And I don’t think Daniel’s comment about being neither a God nor a prophet was meant to be disrespectful, although I can see as how you may have taken it as such, especially when we cannot express tone inflection or attitude in a written form such as this–and if you’re a newbie around here. Please know that this site is typically known for good, fun debates and assessments about things going on in this industry with a high standard for courtesy and respect among the participants. I don’ t think Daniel meant any disrespect; I think it was a matter of miscommunication……wait a minute…..when did I become the peace-maker around here? 🙂

    • Brady, thanks for your comment! I can assure you, Mr. Arthur, and any lurkers that my original reply was intended to be solely humorous, and not a bit disrespectful!

      • Well, if he knew you or hung around this site at all, he’d know that—and I never look at the dates on stories, so I actually thought this was a new post! LOL I guess I’ve slept since 2007, at least a couple times! LOL

      • Me, too. And I have to admit that seeing this comment pop up on a post this old was part of what moved me to what is relatively rare for me, a tongue-in-cheek response!