Legacy Five bringing back “I Stand Redeemed”

Legacy Five has a Q&A box in every newsletter. In their most recent newsletter (mailed yesterday), Jo Kennedy from Springfield, Illinois asked: “Do you have a song that you have sung that means more to you than any other song?”

I must admit I cheered when I read their answer:

Another tough question… there are so many great songs and it would be impossible to pick one as the all-time favorite! That said, there is one Legacy Five song that has probably been requested more than any other… that is “I Stand Redeemed” from the “Strong in the Strength” project, which was our first single release in 2000. We get requests for that song almost every night, and we haven’t been singing it for a long time.

However, we’re happy to inform you that we just finished recording tracks for our upcoming new CD titled “Know So Salvation” and it will feature a new version of “I Stand Redeemed”. The new CD will be released at our Memorial Day Celebration in Nashville and we should be able to start singing that powerful song again real soon!

That song is one of the most powerful songs that any group has released in the past decade. That said, I believe the original is in the key of G, and though original tenor Josh Cobb could handle singing it that high, I think it’s keyed too high for his two successors to do and to sound good doing. So I have a feeling they either took the key down a couple notches or down an octave and handed the solo to one of the Scotts.

Either way, it’s unfortunate when a group can’t stage its best song, and I am glad to see them bringing it back.

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  1. I, for one, can’t wait to hear the new version of the song. I think it will sound better with Frank singing the tenor. I hope that L5 will release the song to radio stations to replace the prior version.

    It’s a known fact that I don’t like Josh Cobb’s voice on any song. If I weren’t such an avid collector of SG music, I’d put their debut CD through a shredder along with their “Songs We Used To Sing” to get rid of that banshee tenor voice of Josh’s.

  2. Great song! I’m glad they’re bringing it back.

  3. I would also like to hear the new version as soon as it is available.
    However, I really liked the original version, and I did find Josh to big a very good tenor.
    He was clearly their (L5’s) strongest tenor.
    Althought I also thought Tony Jarman was quite good as well.
    Frank is just as good but so far as reach and range goes, then Josh was clearly the strongest.
    What ever happened to him, by the way.

  4. I dearly love the song, have song it several times, upon request, at my church.
    Wondering, when did you write it?

    • Actually, I didn’t write it (though I am a songwriter and I do wish I had!)