Frank Seamans on his future plans

Via Katie, who is L5girl-N-TX on  (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed)

I got to talk to Frank Friday night. I just told him that I’d heard some rumors going around about him leaving the group and I wanted to hear from him if he was.

He said that in several weeks Frank Jr is going to have to be in the hospital for a month. He said that him staying depends on how Frank Jr is after that. He said if he is gets good results and he’s doing alright he’ll stay, but if something happens his son needs to be his #1 priority. As much as I don’t want him to leave, I completely understand. He told me that he just felt like he had to be honest with Scott about it, because if something happened with his son and he was still with the group he didn’t want to have be in the position where L5 needed him and he also needed to be with Frank Jr. He said that they had checked in to some possibilities of either a temporary or replacement tenor.

So as of right now he’s not leaving. They just have to keep in mind the possibility of needing another tenor. He said they’re just praying and waiting on what God leads them to do. But he did tell me that unless something happens where he has to leave or unless God leads him to do something else, he would NEVER leave! He said he loves what he does and really believes this is what God has lead him to do.

So definitely keep Frank and Frank Jr. in your prayers!

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  1. I will say….everyone in Legacy Five seems to be a pure class act. Scott Fowler must be doing something right, no doubt about that.

  2. I agree that Legacy Five is a class act, and Frank is a vital part of their stage energy and personality. I certainly hope the absolute best for Frank Jr, first and foremost. And if Frank has to leave the group, I sincerely hope it’s just for a temporary time. He’s one of the good guys and truly one of our best tenors in southern gospel.

  3. Ditto….

  4. I have to totally agree with you guys… Legacy Five is a absolute Class Act, we do not see that enough these days in Southern Gospel… Frank is a very good Tenor singer that has gotten better and better these last five years with L5… I sincerely hope he can stay with the group until retirement, unless his voice gives out!!! I think he is pushing 50 years old even though he looks like he is younger than Fowler lol!!! I am looking forward to the next album these guys have coming out in a couple of months, With Lari Goss producing it should be terrific!!!!

  5. Amen to all of the above posts.

  6. Legacy Five is hands down one of the most classy groups traveling today!!! I will be praying for the Seamans family, take it from someone who has been there it is HARD!!! I have a ton of respect for Frank Seamans, he is a class act and a Terrific Tenor singer, one of the best in the business IMHO!!!

  7. I hope he dosen’t have to leave the group.