What one thing do you look for here?

I’ve been part of a group discussion with other Southern Gospel industry members—artists, record label types, etc. One of the things that came up was: What one thing do your fans (or, in this case, readers) most look for from your CDs/blog/etc.?

So I thought I’d ask. Is it…

  • news
  • commentary
  • a certain perspective
  • consistency of posts

…or something entirely different?

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24 Letters to the Editor

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  1. I prefer commentary and honest discussions on how to move the Southern Gospel industry forward.

  2. I’m looking for news and commentary.

  3. news & commentary on new music coming out

  4. Here, I first come for news. I’m finding that the singing news is becoming less appealing for some reason. To be honest, I come here first for news.

    Next would be for commentary.

  5. all of the above… 🙂

  6. Yep.

  7. All of the above

  8. news and commentary

  9. news

  10. News

  11. Yeah, news first, but also the reviews and general commentary. I guess when I check this site first thing in the morning (as I did just now) I’m expecting that if some story has broken (and been confirmed), that’s going to be on here. If not, then I can expect something interesting or something to make me think about SG.

  12. I agree with Amy. This is the only site I check daily. When I read it here, I know it’s accurate and positive.

  13. News and reviews

  14. I enjoy everything that you post–variety is the spice of life! I do appreciate the fact that what is posted is reliable and is not simply gossip or speculation. Your opinions and observations are also of value. Keep up the good work!

  15. News and reviews. That’s pretty much it. When albums are coming out, what new material is being recorded, album reviews, and of course, group changes.

    I also have this weird interest in the SNFA’s. Not because they mean anything (my favorite bands and singers are always ignored) but I get a little obsessive about awards.

  16. First thing I check in the morning is Drudge to get the general overnight news then I come here for the SG news. Usually I can say I saw it here first!

  17. News and commentary, mostly. I also enjoy the interviews that you post occasionally.

  18. News, commentary, general all around solid reporting. I check every day, because up here in the Wilderness of New England we never get any SG news.

  19. news, also it is very humerous how alot of people go ga ga over different singers. (almost a worship of sorts)

  20. I come for the news and commentary. However, what I find the most appealing is the positive nature of the site. Unlike many other sites, this site does not allow personal attacks and other derogatory statements. Keep up the good work, Daniel.

  21. I don’t take change well at all……and I now skip the SN website altogether, whereas I used to check it 3 or 4 times a day.

    On the other hand Avery is a little too much “opinion” and very biased commentary. (but it is his blog and he can do what he wants)

    I like the items you listed and in that order!

  22. News & consistency of posts!!!
    Thanks for the Great job with this blog!

  23. News, commentary, cd reviews all objective and tasteful…….no insults, four letter words or rumors. Some of the other sites are so nasty I feel like I need a shower after reading them, so I don’t go there.

  24. Wow, that put my feelings into words …