Greater Vision / Legacy Five / Booth Brothers joint project announced

For the last several months, reports have been circulating that Greater Vision, Legacy Five, and the Booth Brothers were recording a joint project. Greater Vision’s latest email newsletter has the details:

We started working on this project in the Fall of last year, and because of our schedules, it has been very difficult to find the time to get into the studio to finish it.  Now, the final mixes are being completed, and the finished project will soon be on its way to the manufacturer.  This new CD, called “Jubilee!” is a collection of songs you’ve never heard these groups sing before, and to top it off, the three groups sing as a choir on two of the songs!  As an added bonus, we mixed it up a little by changing out the vocal parts on several of the songs.  So… don’t be surprised if you hear somebody from Greater Vision singing with the Booth Brothers, or one of the Legacy Five guys singing with Greater Vision, or the Booth Brothers with a bass singer.  You’re gonna LOVE this CD!

The official “Premier Concert” for this CD will be Friday August 28 in Iola, Kansas at the Bolus Fine Arts Center.  If you would like to be in the audience for this special concert, call 620-365-7496, or click here for more information.

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  1. I cannot wait to get my hands on this one!!!!

    • Als ik er bij kon zijn dat is helemaal te gek maar ik woon in Nederland Ik wacht wel op de cd Breng de cd maar mee als jullie naar Nederland komen daar verheug ik mij op groeten en God Bless Adrie

      • Greater Vision heeft geen Nederlandse concerten momenteel gepland. Als u bereid bent om de kosten te betalen voor het boeken van hen, kan u contact opnemen met hun boekingsagent.

      • Google is een geweldig cadeau.

  2. Do we have in the making here a Blackwoods/Statesmen or GVB/EHSS road team? Finer groups couldn’t have been chosen. All these men are not only excellent musicians, but solid in God.

  3. This looks to be a great project put out by three very talented and God fearing groups. The voices singing all together should be outstanding and beautiful. Would be great if in the future it would also be on a DVD.

  4. This is exactly what I was hoping for!

  5. Man, this will be so cool, i can’t wait to get this!!!

  6. When does it come out?

  7. 6. probably around September…

  8. They just named Joel wood as mtt’s new tenor

  9. This is exciting! I love all of these guys.

  10. Booth Brothers with a BASS SINGER?? True heaven!! 😀