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I’m slow to adopt new technologies. I didn’t even get a CD player until the late 90s, and I wasn’t online until 2003 or so.

Honestly, I’ve yet to really warm to the idea behind Twitter: Expressing what’s on your mind in 140 characters or less. (That won’t surprise this site’s regular readers. A 140-word-post is a short post for me.)

Anyhow, I do have a Twitter account to follow a couple of artists’ tweets. I typically log in once every few weeks. Anyhow, one recent post from last night caught my eye. Michael English said:

I must say Wes Hampton is my fav. Singer now.

That’s interesting both as illustrative of what you might notice on Twitter that you wouldn’t see elsewhere, and (of course) it’s a fascinating and thought-provoking statement on its own.

(Wes Hampton’s reply: “I NEVER would have DREAMED M.E. would say that about me.We’ve talked whole way home about how much we love u & admire your vox!“)

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  1. Wonder what happened in the studio for him to make that conclusion… Wes does happen to be one of my favorite singers he is incredible!!!!!

  2. I use to go to various singers web site to read their blogs and news and I find it frustrating that many are only twittering now. I may hitting 70 but I’ve used a compter in business for many years so I know my way around the internet but I still don’t like facebook, myspace and twitter.

  3. I’m 24 and have used a computer quite a bit, know my way around the internet fairly well (I know where not to go) … and I still don’t like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter… 😀

  4. I just got into the Twitter craze myself. I can see where it can be useful to “live blog” an event such as a concert or TV performance. I know I will definitely be using it when NQC rolls around.

    I like the fact that it has a feature where you can embed it on your own blog. Nothing like keeping everything as central as possible!

  5. Wes over David? Sacrilege! 😀

    My favorite SoGo singers of all time would be

    Tenor – David Phelps
    Lead – Michael English
    Baritone – Russ Taff
    Bass – Tim Riley(is there ANYONE else?? :D)

    To have two of them CURRENTLY in the GVB is an incredible thing….

    • It was actually Wes over Michael, in this case…

      And personally, I like Wes better than David *and* Michael! Double sacrilege! 😀