JoyFM to stream Greater Vision / Legacy Five event

JoyFM, a Southern Gospel station based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, will be airing Greater Vision and Legacy Five’s Celebration event in Washington, DC. This will both be available on their local FM channels and online on their website. [EDIT, 6/18/12: Broken link removed.]

I started listening last night but gave up after about twenty minutes, since it seemed groups couldn’t go two full songs without a promo or ad break. The broadcast will be starting at 10 AM today, and I plan to give it another try then.

Update: I must have just hit a particularly rough spot last night. Things are going better today. (The feed hasn’t gone down today, either, another plus.)

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  1. To bad your patience lasted only twenty mintues. We listened to the whole broadcast. It was wonderful. Thanks to Joy Fm for airing it for us. Someone had to pay for it. Didn’t mind all of the ad breaks. Intend to listen to it again this morning.

  2. I’ll give it another try today. But honestly, I just hit the point where I was like, “I may as well listen to their latest live DVDs, where I have all the songs commercial-free.”

  3. Legacy Five was up first today… They sang a pretty basic set to start with, as Joy was cutting to a break they started “Why Wouldn’t I” which is my favorite off of the new album…

  4. L5 Closed strongly with a rousing rendition of “I Go To The Rock” that song goes over very well live more so than on CD IMO…

  5. Is this airing live, or is it a program that airs 3 times? I can’t tell from their website. I will try to tune in this evening; I think that would work for me.

    BTW, I wonder if Diana has noticed that their is a link to her YouTube video of Gerald’s swimming pool story on JoyFM’s website.

  6. OK, I guess it does say “live” at the bottom. I just can’t figure out why it doesn’t give an ending time.

  7. Thanks for the heads-up, Amy. No, I didn’t know it!! That was a great story!

  8. I listened to GV and L5, but thanks to commercial breaks, I didn’t hear any new-to-me songs. I had to be gone a while and just tuned back in a few minutes ago (in the middle of “He Set Me Free”). I’m enjoying it…