Marshall Hall Interview

Reader JT sends over this interview of Marshall Hall being interviewed and introduced to the church where he is now serving as worship leader:

Marshall Hall Interview

There is nothing particularly groundbreaking, but his fans will probably enjoy the chance to hear him in this new setting.

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  1. I absolutely love Marshall Hall. He’s such an amazing musician and singer. This interview is great! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Thanks for posting this. It’s good to hear from Marshall and know that he is where God wants him.

  3. Good luck on your Worship Pastor endeaver and I feel you have
    made a good choice…I was the one that said your performance
    is not a 10 but an 11…Your singing took me back 80 yrs.with
    Jesus loves…I am crippled but if you are close to Toledo when
    you are on the road I will do my to get there…If you have a mailing list please put on it…With Jesus on your heart you will
    always be on the right path…Bless you God love…Joe Sahadi

    • He really knows how to lead worship. I just wish he’d record CDs to.

  4. Marshall I have already commented on your musical talents and
    all I have to say is BRAVO…Keep up the good work and I am that ‘Jesus ‘ is near…In his name I am …Joe Sahadi

  5. Thanks so much for sharing. That was amazing! haha Marsh is pretty funny. “Guy is this guy with like 47 kids!”

  6. This whole thing could have been made so much simpler if people has just been up front and honest. If Bill Gaither had simply told what was actually going on the whole time AND KEPT IT UP TO DATE and if Marshall and Guy had told people what was happening when it was happening, there would not have been speculation and it would have been handled much better. When people make a mistake or have something happen, it would be so much better to just tell what happened than be vague. It causes people to wonder and in cases of sin makes it look like people just pass over it or don’t care that it’s sin. The fans deserve better than what they got in the changes of the GVB. Why were Wes Hampton and may be others telling us how Marshall and Guy were doing instead of Bill Gaither being up front with us about the whole thing and Marshall and Guy telling us? It is great to hear that Marshall is doing well.

  7. Kim, I don’t believe it’s Bill Gaither’s job to inform you about the personal lives of Guy Penrod and Marshall Hall. If Guy and Marshall wanted people to know what they were doing, they would tell us. And they have, this interview being an example, and also with Guy setting up solo dates. There is no reason for people to be personally offended by this personnel change. The GVB is fine, Guy is fine, Marsh is fine, we’re all fine! Let’s move on!

  8. When people support a music group or band or whatever, they sometimes develop a fondness for that person or group. When that group has a radical change, especially if it is not handled well or seems to be shrouded in vagueness and secrecy or not dealt with completely up front and honestly, it makes such a change harder. I think musicians, bands, etc. forget that people do develop an attachment to them and love them, therefore it’s very hard when such a thing happens. I don’t think it is out of line to expect them to handle a delicate issue with kindness and decency and especially honesty. If people would just do that, that would make the situation much easier. If the GVB or anybody makes a change like this, I think they do owe it to the people that support them to state the truth and state it quickly. If they’re going to tell us anything, tell us the truth. Not saying they didn’t here, but the situation really looked like there was something maybe not the most honest being presented here. And it was a long time before Marshall said anything substantial if I’m not mistaken. We don’t have to support them, go to see their concerts, buy their music. Being in the public, if they make a change like this, I think they owe it to those who support them to do a better job of handling it and communicating with their supporters. If we don’t require it, bands, musicians, etc. may keep on doing things like this. That’s all I’m saying. 🙂 The truth is much better in case it hasn’t been communicated in cases like this. And it keeps out confusion and speculation.

    • Kim,

      Right on target. The only thing I would like to add is that, if I’m not mistaken, it was quite a while after Marsh left before he talked about the Phoenix position. My impression was that developed only AFTER he left the GVB. I only say that because I have read posts suggesting that he left the GVB for this worship leader position. I think the timeline was reversed.

  9. Thanks Richard. And thank you for your input. If I’m not mistaken, I think it did look Mr. Hall did not have another position when leaving the GVB, because his initial reaction was something about performing in concert not being the thing he was best at or something and if he did have that position when he was leaving I think he certainly would have mentioned it. I just hate to see this kind of situation because it does make it hard on us fans, and to have them act like it never happened makes it worse. They mean well, but I think we should put loving pressure on groups for better conduct if they do something like this. I think being in the public eye, they should be more sensitive and have a better conduct if they do something like this.

    All we know is we wake up and two members of the GVB are leaving, and 3 old members are being brought back. No real explanation. All we basically wanted to know was why and did the two members leaving leave of their own accord. That is not a lot to ask I think.

    • Honestly, I don’t think Gaither’s announcement was inappropriate. We know fairly shortly after Marsh and Guy left that Guy was going to do a solo CD and Marsh was going to look for a worship leader position.

      It was Gaither’s role to tell us they were leaving—which he did just a few days after it was official, as I understand (we don’t know at what point Guy told him it was permanent)—and I think it was entirely appropriate that he let Guy and Marsh announce their future plans on their own timetable.

      • I loved the GVB. I still do. I don’t blame them for leaving. I’m BLESSED to have Marshall Hall as a worship leader. My pastor David Jeremiah was the one who hired him. I think. He loves SG music. So, please leave Guy and MArshall Hall alone.

  10. Speaking of Guy, have we heard anything from him? The last word I had was that his C.D. would be out maybe in late July, maybe in August. It seems like if his C.D. is coming out sometime soon we would have heard of him signing w/a distributor, a website, something! Anyone heard anything that it is ok to share?

    • No news from that department yet … sorry!

      Spring House, a label affiliated with Gaither that has released various Guy Penrod titles, owns the domain.

  11. Daniel…you are exactly right. Gaither did what he was suppossed to do, announce they were leaving. Plans were up in the air and he does not need to divulge the private how’s and why’s of the two very different reasons for leaving.

    Some people need to let it go and realize some things are not meant for them to know.

    Also, I have never seen a fomal press release from Guy that he is going solo. Yes, there are a couple of solo dates scheduled. That’s a far cry from going solo to the point of making his living doing it. I don’t think you will see that happen. As far as his solo cd…….he told me in 1998 he was working on one…….you can hold your breath but I quit doing that in 2001! 3 years is long enough to hold your breath.

    I am sure eventually he will though. Guy’s living is not dependant on him releasing a solo cd or 2-3 dates he has booked.

  12. To me a devoit person of good music ,song and perfomance that
    the gvb had with the younger voices was the best and whatever happened we must leave alone with Hopes that we will see and
    hear from them performing…I for one do and will repeat I do miss
    their performance…To me they both are in the right direction of
    ‘JESUS’…’GOD’ keep them on the HIS path…Joe Sahadi
    Sylvania, Ohio

  13. Wouldn’t it be nice if Wes Hampton, Marshall Hall and Guy Penrod
    put out a cd of gospel hymns togther as a trio would have me in
    line to purchase the first release…When Gaither would allow them
    to sing and he ( way back ) directing showed what talent they had…Can you tell from my comments that I have many Bravos for
    them and an extra one for Guy Penrod for shaving and cutting his
    hair…It is time for this old man to go to sleep and I will say a prayer for all that see and read this…With his love…Joe sahadi

  14. I know I am a little late on this comment… I do agree there is
    something unknown about this breakup and replacing two with
    three…I agree with Kim as my favorites and highly talented ones
    Guy Penrod, Marshall Hall and Wes Hampton did such a good job
    performing…I wish them all well but hopefully they will return…I have heard Marshall Hall mention he does Pastor Worshop Pastor-
    ing twice a month…This will be my last comment on this…On
    with the praises to our Lord…Bless you all…Joe sahadi

  15. While it IS best to move on, one of the witnesses we can give the world is that of transparency, showing the non-believing world see integrity and honesty.

    Yes, Gaither did what he was supposed to do, but it was a departure from his customary way of handling such issues. He typically softens the impact by explaining in a small way the whys and wherefores…which did not happen this time. This lends itself to the fan base wondering “why?”.

    I have no intention of losing sleep over this, but it will always remain a blip on the credibility screen as to what really occurred. Gratefully, the Father is in control and he will take care of Marsh, just like the rest of us.

  16. Jake you are no dummy…I have loved Gospel music -be it Southern-Western-Eastern or Northern and when 2 of a group
    leave at the same time one must know something was wrong…
    As a group Marshall Hall, Guy Penrod and Wes Hampton were the
    best and my favorites…GOD be with them in all their directions
    and stay on the path of “JESUS’…Jake bless you too…Joe sahadi

  17. We have watched the “Together” CD for the nth time and curiosity compels us to wonder why Bill Gaither would allow two extremely talented singers (Hall and Penrod) to leave the Vocal Band. The two were replaced by, in our opinion, three non entities who left the vocal band earlier and apparently couldn’t make it on their own. To be quite honest, I would like to see Guy Penrod, Marshall Hall, and Wes Hampton team up with a good bass singer and take over the gospel world like they had when they were with the Gaither Vocal Band.

  18. Happy to hear where Marsh and Lori are located. I will miss his voice and his ability to sing with such conviction. I know Wes will miss his companionship as Gaither Vocal Band travels around the country. Best wishes to Marsh and much success with future recordings.
    Steve Glenn

  19. All the best Marsh! I know the Lord will continue to bless you and your family in all your endeavours as long as you continue to put him first in you lives. God Bless

    • I still cannot believe that y church Shadow Mountian Community Church got Marshall Hall as a worship leader. I almost jumped out of my seat last August when I found out. He has such an incredible talent and just knows how to lead worship. You say the word Marshall Hall and you get Gaithersburg people at your church.

  20. I still cannot believe that y church Shadow Mountian Community Church got Marshall Hall as a worship leader. I almost jumped out of my seat last August when I found out. He has such an incredible talent and just knows how to lead worship. You say the word Marshall Hall and you get Gaithersburg people at your church.

  21. Being a “newcomer” to the GVB, I began quickly collecting as much of their work as possible. Of course like others I had my favourites, Guy,Marshall and David Phelps. Listening and watching Marshall I always thought there was something missing foe him. Now having managed to watch him lead the worship at the Shadow Mountain, he looks so happy. Then Guy seems to be getting around and spreading the Word. I wish them both a good journey wherever the Lord takes them. Living the UK unfortunately makes it almost impossible to ever meet weather of them, so always glad to get news,thank you.