Video of the Day: The Sawrie Singers

A.B. Kendall has posted a video from the 2008 Grand Ole Gospel Reunion. Jonathan Sawrie assembled a scrap-iron quartet to sing the Gold City classic “When I Get Carried Away.”

Sawrie sang lead, Pat Barker sang bass, Stewart Varnado played piano, and Dustin Beardman and Wesley Smith alternated on the baritone and tenor parts. All in all, it was quite solid:

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  1. SG sure misses Sawrie… Very talented man!

  2. Indeed. Excellent lead vocalist and pianist, plus his laid back emcee style was a nice change of pace.

  3. Totally unrelated but Daywind records has now signed the “Blackwood Brothers Quartet” I say it is about time Daywind signed another Traditional Quartet… I can think of a few others they would do well to pick up namely the Liberty Quartet…

  4. Now that is cool! Congratulations Blackwood Bros. Qt.

  5. I miss Jonathan too.