Daybreak Quartet offers free CD download

Daybreak Quartet recently lost their tenor, Joel Wood, to the Mark Trammell Trio. They continue to make lemons out of lemonade, however, announcing a free download of Hymns, their newest CD. The terms are simple: You get five songs for free just by going to download them. If you’re willing to email three friends about the CD, you can get the whole project. The project is available here:

Their pianist, Greg Howlett, is making the same offer for his recent solo project, Portrait of Hope:

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  1. Hey brady…………nah just kidding!

  2. You beat me to it!

  3. Just kidding!

  4. So, they’re having to give their music away to get people to hear it, huh? LOL! Just kidding!

    Seriously, I’m aware this is a good way to gain emails and generate interest, sure. But in all fairness, they could have done this way before Joel ever left. While I appreciate the creativity in getting their music out there, it shouldn’t have taken a group personnel change to make this happen. This is something they could have implemented long before Joel defected to Mark Trammell Trio. Why can’t most groups be proactive before the need arises?

    I frequently will agree that any publicity is good publicity, but it seems to me to call attention to yourself during a personnel change might not be the best call in some situations. Not saying Daybreak’s situation fits this, but the theory at least merits consideration.

    And I will add that Daniel hasn’t mentioned one work about the ice cream he owes some of us for getting that other post to 75 hits. That’s the thanks we get around here, guys! LOL! 🙂

  5. I am going to check them out.

  6. Well…..this is a great way to make good use of a bad thing like having a personell change the same week your new cd comes out.

    You know the saying…..record a cd or get pics taken and it is a sure thing someone is leaving.

    It is a very good cd. It is just hymns with piano and vocals. While that is not my normal type of cd…the piano playing and chords used are fantastic. I have not seen an insert but i would have to guess it is Tim Parton playing the piano. His chord structures are unique.

    The vocals are tight and crisp. Nice sound. I think it is a great idea to give it away…..and they couldn’t have done it before Joel left because the cd came out after he left.


  7. So, here’s a question, and Daniel, you may be able to investigate this for those of us who don’t have the time. Is Daybreak responsible for paying royalties on the songs that everyone comes and downloads for free? Because someone has to, and that could be pretty pricy in the long run. My friend and I were discussing this, and he said just eyeballing the list of songs on the project, there were some songs on the list, such as “Mansion Over The Hilltop” that are not Public Doman.

  8. #6 – Mark, allow me to clarify. I didn’t necessarily mean this particular project. They could have offered a download of some other recording they already had. I do agree that it is unfortunate that the recording came out after Joel resigned. That alwasy stinks.

  9. interesting about the copyrights…i think you would have to pay them….but i don’t give my stuff away! lol.

  10. Well, a common misconception is that “hymns” equate to “public domain,” and that’s absolutely not true. I’m fairly sure a song does not go public domain until 50 years after the author’s death. So, songs like “I’ll Fly Away,” “Victory In Jesus,” “Oh What A Savior,” or “Mansion Over The Hilltop” are NOT public domain and should have royalties paid on them regardless of what form they are being distributed.

    I have a friend in the publishing business, and if he has any further light to shed on this subject either I will post or I will ask him to.

  11. They are definately not pd for the most part. I am sure they have their bases covered. It would be a great investment to pay the royalties on a few hundred copies to gain new fans.

  12. The royalties should have been paid at the time of recording…so whether they are giving the cds away or selling them, it is already covered. But, still it expensive in that they are not receiving any money from the free cds.

  13. I downloaded this CD as well. I normally like upbeat songs as well but I did like this. I was interested in the pianists too and asked about it. As it turns out, Tim Parton does play some of the tracks and Greg Howlett plays the others. I think you are right that some of the chords are unique from both of those guys. Good stuff.

    Regarding public domain, I know that royalties are owed on downloads. But I don’t think there are many songs on that project that are not public domain. I can’t see this concept working for many artists for that very reason. They would owe $1.00 in royalties for every download!

    To be honest, I am on the fence on this give music away for free concept. I think it creates problems for other artists who can’t afford to do this and I think it devalues music. What are you saying about your music when you give it away?

    I will have to think about it a bit more.

  14. #12 – Downloading is not the same as giving a tangible CD away. If they are mailing out CD’s, then that’s what you would be talking about. The cost of tangible CD’s would be covered at time of recording, but what if they only made 500 CDs and the downloads exceeded, say, 1,000. I think you are talking apples and oranges. The same number of CDs can still be in the warehouse and people can be downloading the songs like crazy. Someone still has to pay for the royalties from the downloads.

    And yes, it could be a great investment to pay the royalties–advertising cost, if you will. But the royalties from downloading cannot be considered paid just because they paid on the pressed CDs.

  15. Hopefully, they are keeping track of how many are being downloaded and paying the necessary fees.

  16. Hey Daniel, shouldn’t the second sentence of your post read, “They continue to make lemonade out of lemons…”? Otherwise they’re taking a good situation and making it bad?? 🙂

  17. FYI, I asked and was assured they were logging the downloads and paying the royalties. They also said they were doing this offer only with this particular project because of that very reason. Only a few songs are not public domain and have to have royalties paid.

    That is why this will not work for most projects being produced. At least, that is my opinion. Most projects have 10 songs that have to have royalties paid.

  18. #6. Actually, Nathan announced a prereleaselong before Eric Phillips announced he was leaving.

  19. #18 ……yes but the prerelease was delayed from my understanding and the final cd came out after he left.
    Either way the timing was unfortunate for them and they are very smart to make this good use of it.

    Look……Daybreak can’t catch a break. LOL they do something free and people start questioning everything. They have integrity and take care of business , you can be sure of that.

    I’m more concerned about the people who stand at my table and discuss how they will copy my cd’s for anyone earshot! THAT is a problem! LOL.

    Good news is……we are talking about them. Maybe Dennis will go sing lead for someone and then they will get even more publicity……just think of what could happen if the group would retire! THEY WOULD BLOW UP BIG TIME!

    Do it guys! Retire! You will be bigger then ever and Daniel will create a whole blog just for you! LOL

  20. The Blackwood Gospel Quartet has a great offer too. If you tell 3 friends about Daybreak Qt. you get 10 Cds worth of music at the special price of $50!!! Act fast! This won’t last long!!!

  21. OT:
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday, dear Daniel!
    I’m (much) older than you…

  22. Thanks, Janet B!

    David … did you type right? If you tell 3 friends about Daybreak?

  23. David Mann, tell us how we can to advantage of this special.

  24. I wanted to weigh in here because the free CD download was actually an idea that I started before Daybreak. It has worked so well that when I shared some results with them, they decided to go forward with it.

    First, to put the royalties thing to rest. Yes, royalties are due on downloads per song per download. But both my project and the DB project contain songs that are overwhelming public domain and not subject to royalties. That being said, the few royalties that are due will be paid.

    The free download offer is a risky marketing strategy but these are very tough times for Christian musicians. What is happening is unprecedented–labels dying, CD sales plummeting, etc.

    I believe that it is entirely likely that CDs will be gone within a few years and music downloads will be free. I know that sounds far out there, but due to the widespread sharing of music, consumers are already close to the point where music is free.

    Unless artists evolve, they will not survive. I think we will probably see the great majority of the 10,000 SG groups out there disappear within a few years or at least significantly scale back what they do.

    Artists that want to survive will need new ways to generate revenue. For me, that includes my arrangements/tracks, concerts, DVD courses, seminars, etc. Other artists will have their revenue streams as well, but likely, all of us will be giving away our music.

    In this new world, an artist will have to have exposure and a solid fan base. Giving away free music is a way to do that, which is the whole point of this strategy. I am very happy with the way it is going for me. I am getting exposure to thousands of new people and the cost is very little.

    Just some thoughts on why we are doing this.

  25. Buy 3 cd’s from me and the blackwoods will send me and daybreak a $300 love offering! Great deal!

  26. just kidding

  27. Thanks for weighing in Mr. Howlett, great post. I really enjoy your playing!!! Also which songs did you play on the Hymns project and which ones did Tim Play??? You guys IMO have similar styles.

  28. I am curious ….is the piano player Tim Parton or Greg Howlett? Because the best compliment that I could Howlett is that it sounds like Parton playing on the CD! Either way it is great piano work.

  29. Mark Tim plays on songs 1-4 and songs 8 and 9 and Greg plays the rest…

  30. well…..greg is awesome then!


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