What Feed Readers do you use?

Do you use an RSS feed reader to follow blogs? If so, which one(s) do you use?

I ask because I’ve added a “follow in…” feature in the left-hand sidebar. I have four which I think are fairly common RSS feed readers. Are there any other big ones that I’m missing?

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  1. I use newsgator and google.

  2. Thanks – especially if I get anyone else mentioning it, I’ll add newsgator. I did see it as an option.

  3. I use the Google Reader.

  4. Google Reader. I’m a rather new user and I love it!

  5. Google Reader….used to use IE for the feeds, but Google displays the posts much better.

  6. I use Awasu. http://www.awasu.com Although it’s not the most popular feed reader, it is by far the most powerful, and has great support if you have a question or may want to suggest a new feature. When you follow enough feeds that it starts to feel a little overwelming, you’ll find that Awasu has many tools to bring order to the chaos. I’m pretty sure Awasu must be the official feed reader of heaven.

    • Interesting – do you know where on the site to find code to have an “add this feed to awasu” button? I looked but didn’t see it.

      • Hi Daniel, I talked to Taka about an “add this feed to awasu” button, and he pointed me to this page:

        He was a bit embarrased when he realized that somewhere along the way, through the many updates he’s made to his web site, this page has become an unlinked orphan. If you’d like to contact him directly his email address is: support@awasu.com.

        By the way, you’ve got a new subscriber… me!

        Take care and god bless you.

      • Thanks!