Inspirations, revisited

Some discussion following my my recent Inspirations post misses the point entirely.

My point about the Inspirations’ song selection being perhaps their most notable strength was not based upon how much the groups’ own fans liked their songs. It was based upon the popularity the Inspirations’ songs have had as reissued by other groups. The extraordinary success of those songs, both in the Inspirations’ original rendition and in the second group’s cover version, is what leads me to say that (first) the songs are good songs and (second) good songs are a strength of the Inspirations quartet.

I have been accused (in real life) of enjoying debating a little too much. Points, counterpoints, and let the comments begin…

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  1. I believe that ‘Avery’ may be too much of a thinker. Sometimes common sense like what you are saying tells you the most. Another reason that The Inspirations have stood the test of time is the fact that many churches that would never have say the ‘Crabb Family’ are comfortable with letting Archie and the guys singing and conservative stage presence.

  2. The word letting should not be in my comment.

  3. You think the thinker might be a member of this organization for thinkers?

  4. It seems to me that SG needs a “big tent” approach to hold on to what market share it has…to say nothing of expanding it’s share…and, in an odd sort of way, the most traditional groups have a hand in helping SG remain stable as it seeks to expand it’s appeal.

    I have read both blogs mentioned here. There’s a lot of insight in both perspectives…one things for sure though: Inspiration’s fans are not concerned about any of these opinions. People have had these same questions and critiques of the Inspi’s for years and years…Their response: “Be who they are…Do what they do!”. Regardless of one’s personal taste, you have got to love (and respect) that about them.

    I say the same thing about these bloggers. “Be who you are…do what you do”…we enjoy your ideas and hopefully, we artist/writers/publishers can even learn “a thing or two”…now that’s a nice “prayer request” as we close.

    Paul Jackson / Ed Hill’s Prophets Qt

  5. You can if you like. But I was primarily referring to myself.