Summer Housecleaning … and off-topic posts

I finally found a few minutes to make a couple of necessary updates to the blog.

  1. In the left sidebar, under the “search” box, you can find a number of options for reading this blog in various RSS readers.
  2. Under each post—when you view it as an individual post (which you can do by clicking on the post title)—you will now see a row of buttons to make it easier to share these posts on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other websites.
  3. I’ve added threaded comments, so you can reply to other commenters or start your own discussion. Love it? Hate it? Tell me in the (presently threaded) comments.

One other thing. Occasionally I come across a Christian book or film that intrigues me enough that I’ll review it. To this point, I’ve mostly posted those reviews on, my author site. Now I wouldn’t want to take anything away from the Southern Gospel content here, so I was thinking of only posting these on weekends. (I doubt I would do more than one per month.)

Also, Sony is interested in doing some columns in her Sunday “Sony’s Thoughts” feature that don’t have any particular Southern Gospel connection.

Would you be interested in seeing these occasionally? Or do you think it would take away from the Southern Gospel focus of this site?

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  1. Nice changes 🙂

  2. Thanks!

  3. Daniel, I forgot to wish you a late Happy Birthday! Hope you have many more:-) Love the southernblog! I come to the website everyday to see what you write. Keep up the good work!

    May God Bless You,

  4. I would prefer that this site remain a SG site. That is the reason I visit it

  5. Happy Birthday Daniel! Better late than never, right? I don’t always post, but I read your blog every day. It is THE BEST!
    You are appreciated, I hope your birthday was filled with blessings!

  6. Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

    Frank, there’s no question this site will remain a SG site, with 95-99% of the posts directly SG related. I’m just curious whether people would be interested in occasional reviews of Christian films or books – as I mentioned, I doubt it would be more than one per month.

  7. I think that the ultimate purpose of southern gospel music is to glorify God, and I don’t see the harm in articles with non-sogo themes as long as they glorify God, too. (which I don’t think that’ll be a problem at all)

  8. Daniel, with all respect, I come to you for SG!!! If I won’t book or movie reviews, I go elsewhere! Please don’t ‘fix’ what isn’t broken!!!!

  9. OK.

  10. I agree.

  11. Well Daniel, I mostly come here for the Southern Gospel, but I think our value systems are similar, so if once or twice a month you find something of value worth sharing, I would welcome that! For the people that the extra 3 seconds would be to much time to see that Daniels post is not about Southern Gospel….Really now, I bet you waste much more time than that other places… reading MY post!!! lol

  12. Please don’t misunderstand, I will still come, and be fine w/the site. I just come for SG, thats all.

    • Oh – I fully understand.

      I have some interest in branching out (on weekends only, not taking away from the SG content) … but even more than that, I want to go with what my readers want. So if the preponderance of readers don’t want this, I’ll not do it.

  13. Daniel, I have always trusted your judgement with your posts, so why should I change now. You do what you want, I’ll still come every day. And hey, you might have something that I hadn’t heard about!

    • “Daniel, I have always trusted your judgement with your posts, so why should I change now.”

      I think that’s one of the highest compliments someone could pay me – thanks! I’m honored.

  14. I wouldn’t mind the occasional “non SG” post, Daniel. You KNOW I trust your judgement!!

    • Thanks – and as with Sannie, I’m honored.

  15. My opinion is that if you want to review something not SG – go for it. If I’m not interested I won’t read that part. That’s what scroll bars are for! Just because I’m not interested in one topic, doesn’t mean the next might not be of interest to me.

  16. My thoughts…

    I’ll read anything Sony feels like posting on her Sunday reflections. To me, it’s kind of a devotional, and I think that’s a great idea.

    I’ll read anything you post too, but I’m not sure that you ought to drop an SG post (Monday through Saturday, or at least through Friday) in favor of something different. I think it ought to be “in addition.” Maybe it could be farther down on the page than something SG, or maybe it could be an afternoon post. Another thought of mine would be that you could add a different page, if that would work? “Non-SG topics,” or something like that.

    Just my two cents. Experiment if you feel like it! See if your readership changes. With the Google results this gets, it would be great if searches for new books or whatever brought new readers to your SG posts.

    • I thought I might have said this, but maybe I forgot. I’d only post off topic stuff on Sundays, or Saturdays if I couldn’t find anything SG related to post about.

      I thought about launching a new blog, but I don’t want to tackle writing about other genres almost full-time. So I thought, “Why not just post an occasional review on a Sunday here?”

      So … I certainly am not dropping anything SG related.

  17. Very, very minor quibble or just suggestion – Would it be possible for the “notify via e-mail” box to be unchecked by default? (Unless other people want it checked, of course! Just my Purely Personal Preference.)

    Also, I do like the threaded comments. It works for me because I can get the conversations as I’m reading through, but I also can check the chronological feed over to the left to be sure I’m not missing anything.