Singing News reverses Fan Awards Changes

I in an email blast sent out to Singing News subscribers, Editor-in-Chief Jerry Kirksey announced that Singing News is reinstating six categories in the Fan Awards: Tenor, Lead, Baritone, Bass, Alto, and Soprano. Kirksey said that he had overlooked “a VERY IMPORTANT element of the Fan Awards process–the Fan.” He said that the calls, emails, letters, and comments after concerts persuaded him to reinstate those six favorite categories.

In the May Singing News, the top 10 ballot will also feature a nomination ballot for those six parts. The final ballot will include the top 5 nominees in all categories.The Fan Awards would have been seriously weaker without these awards. Face it, in our genre tenors and bass singers often have less in common vocally than the top 5 nominees in the male and female singer categories. In genres where all men and all women sing more or less the same style, an overarching gender-based category is fine.But in a genre with as much emphasis on harmony parts as this genre traditionally (and currently) has, I believe the Fan Awards will be much better for this change.

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  1. I’m so glad to see that they reinstated those catagories!